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Citizenship : United States

Haute couture from Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani is well known as a singer and soloist rock band `No Doubt`; not everyone knows that Gwen - and even the hostess own fashion brand. Innate talent and the help of a number of large companies have helped Stephanie to create a project, interesting in all respects.

`L.A.M.B.` - American fashion brand, created by the American singer and rock soloistGroup `No Doubt` Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani).

For the first time about his own clothing design Stephanie wondered in his youth, even then it is often with her mother sewed their own clothes themselves. It should be noted that the sewing Stephanie was to some extent in the blood - she came from a family in which the woman is always good to have owned a needle. Mama,grandmother and great-grandmother Gwen were excellent seamstresses and weavers. Many outfits handmade Stephanie wore on their own concerts. Later, however, Gwen really famous and sewing she had forgotten. The life of the popular singer has been extremely difficult and tedious process. Time to create their own clothes Gwen simply no choice - which, I must say, its pretty annoying. Then Gwen met stylist Andrea Lieberman (Andrea Lieberman), and she discovered the singer`s clothing from the world ` kutyur`, and later - became her personal creative consultant. Position Chief designer in a new brand of Gwen Stefani took some time Zaldy Goko (Zaldy Goco), but then their paths diverged.

Initially, the project `L.A.M.B.` was not completely independent : it started in 2003 and it has been in collaboration with ` LeSportsac`. The brand name was an acronym for `Love. Angel. Music. Baby.` - as, incidentally ,It called the debut music album Gwen.

Now under the brand name `L.A.M.B.` made clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes. Initially clothing brand offered only to women, later, however, it was decided that most of the clothes will be performed in the style of ` uniseks`. The direct production of clothes is engaged in group `Ska Girl LLC`,founded in 2003 and it brand president Ken Erman (Ken Erman). Releasing Shoes Gwen Stefani helped the company `Royal Elastics`. Fairly expand the range of products offered could Stefani, presenting the world a series of boots and shoes - studs. Cooperation with `LeSportsac` helped when starting line of handbags ,over the same master perfume brand worked together with the `Coty Inc`. One partner Stephanie did not want to be limited ; already in the 2006th, it undertook to develop a new line of handbags in cooperation with `Shifter and Partners`. Interesting,that the design and technical execution of these handbags still felt the influence of `LeSportsac`: was here and proprietary tear-resistant nylon, and a selection of antique type of metal and leather ornaments and colorful decoration.

Stop there Gwen was not going to the next line of her plans had underwear, and later -series cosmetics. Not so long ago the brand, together with the `Vestal Group`, released a line of women`s watches.

Perfume series has become one of the most high-profile projects `L.A.M.B.`; We realize it could only thanks to the support of the representatives of `Coty Inc`. Senior Vice -President, Catherine Walsh (Catherine Walsh),She commented on how the project itself and its general perspective; it is, among other things, made it clear that working with Stephanie is planned at all stages of design and production of perfumes - only in this way it will be possible to ensure that the line will be fully uhvachena the spirit of the brand. With great enthusiasm to the project reacted and Stephanie. According to her, own line of perfumes for the designer is one of the highest achievements.

Creation Gwen Stefani are relatively high cost ; so, the price of the bag is typically in the range 80-825 dollars, the cost of the clock 125 to 995 dollars.