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Year of birth : 1969

Age: 46 years

Citizenship : United States


The name `L`eggs`,packaging and logo designed by designer Roger Ferriter (Roger Ferriter,), working in the company`s design studio `Herb Lubalin Associates` in New York (New York City).

A popular brand of `L`eggs` was first introduced in 1969 by ` Hanes`. To make hosiery used most unusual approach. The company places its products in the large white plastic molds - containers, similar to the egg. In supermarkets and drugstores brand products `L`eggs` often placed on a rotating ` karuseli` to attract the customer`s attention. The company `Hanes`, conducted trial sales in various locations across the country ,including the Boston suburbs (Boston), before the promotion of the new brand has found out how popular are tights in bright plastic packaging.

The name `L`eggs`, packaging and logo designed by designer Roger Ferriter (Roger Ferriter,), working in the studio design company ` Herb Lubalin Associates` in New York (New York City).When it is time to present the marketing strategy and the ideas associated with the packaging of a new line of inexpensive pantyhose for the company `Hanes`, Ferriter appeared unhappy at how creative his achievements were. The last attempt to revise the name of the brand and its supply, Ferriter went on absolutely non-standard way ,I am hoping to find a new creative direction for branding.

Experimenting, Roger tried to squeeze a pair of stockings in his fist, intrigued by how compact can produce. Looking at his clenched fist to fit it in tights, Ferriter was struck by his discovery - packaging may well resemble the shape of an egg. At the same moment, he realized that the word ` yaytso` rhymes with ` noga` (Eng. `Egg` and ` leg`), and included in the title of the letter ` L`, following a popular fashion at that time to make any name French color. As a result, it has turned an unusual name `L`eggs`. some sketches, including the logo was made to the presentation ,in which the tails of letters `g` resemble the shape of an egg. Thus was born one of the most successful brands in history.

In order to compete with `L`eggs`, in 1973, the corporation ` Kayser-Roth Corporation`, at that time owned by the `Gulf + Western`, introduced a brand of pantyhose ` No Nonsense` (lit.. ` Nothing lishnego`) . Product name has been used in an attempt to nullify all uhischreniya` brand ` ` L`eggs`, ie make it clear that it is not in the name of tights, not in their packaging, etc. However, the child `Hanes` still remains the leader in the hosiery market. This result is testimony of the power of creative marketing, becausethemselves and the brand `L`eggs` ` No Nonsense` differed little from each other, except for the content of lycra, responsible for perfect shape and shine tights `L`eggs`.

For the first few years of rhyming slogan product `Our L`eggs fit your legs` (approx. Our ` ` L`eggs` at the time of your nozhkam`) has appeared in many print and television advertising.

Although the packaging in the form of eggs for pantyhose `L`eggs` has become an integral part of the brand, its marketing and advertising, the parent company in recent years ` HanesBrands Inc.` stopped using plastic membranes options. Despite,that such a package could reuse the artists, craftsmen, collectors and others. , plastic containers shall be considered an example of wastefulness.

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