L`ubomir Harman

Picture of L`ubomir Harman

Date of Birth: 03/31/1962

Age: 54

Place of birth: Bratislava

Citizenship: Slovakia

Bratislava killer

Lubomir Harman (& # 317; ubom & # 237; r Harman) was born in 1962 in Bratislava, Slovakia (Bratislava, Slovakia). In 1968 he went to Liptovsk & # 253 School; Hr & # 225; dok, where he later remembered as a quiet and studious boy, not too inconvenienced by his loneliness. He played well in football, and in 1980 he served in the army. Generally, all those who knew Lubomir before he committed his crime, nothing criminal for him not to notice, and, moreover, could not even suggest such a - he was in all respects` normalnym`. However, subsequently Garman still forced to talk about himself, shot dead seven people, injuring 15, and after killing and himself.

So, after the army, he found work in the wood processing companies, as well as entered into a hunting club. Membership in the club allowed him to acquire a gun CZ SA Vz.58. Later, he lost his job for some time lived on welfare and later replaced another neskolkomest service.

He lived in a suburb called Devinska Nova Ves (Dev & # 237; nska Nov & # 225; Ves). It is known that married Lubomir never been and had no children. Despite a rather lonely existence, he had friends, who later recalled that a week before the terrible events Lubomir somehow withdrew into himself, and especially did not go to the contact.

On the morning of August 30, 2010 armed with a gun Lubomir Harman broke into the apartment of his neighbors. Having shot the five in the apartment, the offender added to these victims of another passerby. Outside, the distraught by shooting Garman opened fire on the vehicles, and then began to shoot at the windows; Unfortunately, during this he died from his bullet another man, it was a woman, he heard a strange sound, and released to the balcony.

By the time the police received a call about the shooting on the street, Garman was already near the shopping center, where ranilesche 10 people. `He shot at everything dvigalos` - so later described the behavior Garman witnesses, and one of the young men managed to take a picture of your mobile phone Garman. It is noteworthy that Lubomir not forget to wear headphones while special anti-noise.

It is not surprising that the authorities give up without a fight as he was not going to - the police arrived on the Garman also opened fire, and the wounding of one of them. Retreating, he went on to injure bystanders. Hunted, he shot back up as long as he did not run out of ammunition. Then, still not wanting to give up, Harman shot himself. By that time, according to some reports, he was already so pretty seriously injured a police bullet.

In general, it `deystviya` battle lasted about 40 minutes, during which 7 people were killed and 15 were wounded; among the wounded in the hospital was taken and 3-year-old child. Last, the 8th victim of this terrible day was very Lubomir Harman.

By the way, some time after these events said that Garman, who was christened then press `strelkom` Bratislava, was a former professional soldier, a former police officer. We talked about what the offender had two or three accomplices. All of this, including the presence of accomplices, it was only speculation - no relation to the troops Garman had not, but the way to weapons and the ability to handle it opened his hunting club. Incidentally, it is known that Lubomir happy to spend their free time in shooting galleries and shooting at targets.

The reason for his frantic behavior called protracted conflict with its neighbors - the same ones that were the first victims Garman. We talked about the fact that crime can be viewed from a racial point of view - the victim`s family, according to some sources, was a gypsy.

Episode in Devinska Nova Ves became one of the most tragic and bloody mass crimes in Slovakia.