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Although "Kyuss" never present in the body- And radio, and therefore had no commercial success, they became famous for the fact that the invented their own unique style, known as " stoner rock ".

Their music is an amazing fusion of garage sound 60s heavy metal 70s grunge and doom. The original composition of the group was as follows : John Garcia (vocals) Josh Homme (guitar) , Scott Reeder (bass) , and Alfredo Hernandez (drums) . The last two skoreshilis at school, where lessons in his spare time is dedicated to his punk team "Dead issue".

"Kyuss" debuted in 1991 with a punk -rock - oriented album "Wretch", published by "Dali".The album went unnoticed and the musicians had no choice but to earn a living club concerts.

KyussKak once the band performed in front IN NUMBER audience in a Los Angeles bar, and there also went to drink beer frontman "Masters of reality" Chris Goss. After hearing an unusual sound "Kyuss",He was amazed and immediately offered to guys his services as manager. At the same time Chris took to produce the band`s second album. With it, the musicians managed to bring their sound to the desired condition. That`s "Blues for the Red Sun" marked the birth of stoner rock. His influence was so strong ,that many young followers of the new trend began to call their group on the songs from the album.

Meanwhile, "Kyuss" by 1994, the opera so that they could move to the major label "Elektra records". Under the roof of the new team debuted with the album "Welcome To Sky Valley", made with zakosom in psychedelia. The disc was accompanied by the words " Listen without distraction ," and the tracks were separated by interludes and negative pauses. The album of original material in addition to entered cover "N.O." from the repertoire of "Across the river".

KyussKritii enthusiastic about the record, but their emotions were premature.The audience did not share their enthusiasm and "Welcome To Sky Valley" as well as his predecessors had expected a commercial failure. Another attempt to get lucky "Kyuss" made in 1995 by issuing a worthy album "... And The Circus Leaves Town". However, the situation repeated itself again - criticism choked with delight ,and rock fans remained cold to the works of the group.

This state of affairs could not last longer, and as a result the team was disbanded, and former kiussovtsy scattered in all directions. Drummer John Brant Bjork later appeared in "Fatso Jetson" and "Fu Manchu", vocalist John Garcia headed the project "Karma to burn",but the most famous bassist Nick Oliveri and guitarist Josh Homme, founded the "Queens of the stone age".

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