Kynna Ignatova

Picture of Kynna Ignatova

Date of Birth: 09/26/1935

Age: 52

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Kyunna Ignatov was born in Moscow, in the family of a ballerina and the academician. At baptism girl was given the name of Galina.

In 1953 Kyunna Ignatov entered the Shchukin Drama School at the rate of Cecilia Mansurov. As a student, she starred in the title role in the musical comedy of Boris Barnet, "Liang`s" director. The film, which tells about a group of amateur artists who came to Chisinau on parade, attended by all the typical ingredients for an optimistic picture of the time: music, fun, love.

A year later came another picture with Kyunny Ignatova - "Long Way", where she played the role of Raisa Fedoseeva. So the girl was finishing his studies already a famous actress. By that time, their course has led Joseph Rapoport and diploma works Ignatova steel roles in "Three Fat Men" Olesha, "Talents and Admirers" Ostrovsky, "Crank" Hikmet.

50 th - 60 th

While studying at the institute, Kyunna Ignatov was married to actor Vyacheslav Sokolov. However, the marriage was short-lived. On the film "The Long Road", she met with Vladimir Byelokurov. Famed actor turned the head of a girl ...

In 1958, after graduating from drama school, Ignatov came to work in the Moscow theater of drama and comedy. The actress will soon occupy a leading position. She trusted roles such as: Fallows in the play "The Quiet American", Oksana in the play "On a Farm near Dikanka" Lera in the "mates". And who knows what would have been her future career, if not blond.

Influenced Belokurova Kyunna in 1961 went to work in the Moscow Art Theatre, and soon married Vladimir Vyacheslavovich. At the new place the actress made her debut role Kalitina wife in the play "" Noble Nest. " Then there were: Kate at the "point of support" Varya in "Armored Train 14-69" Milk, runny nose and mother in the "Bluebird", and then went episodes, episodes, episodes ... So little maid role in the production of Chekhov`s "Three Sisters" actress played the entire 25 years!

Not better things evolved, and in the movies. In 1959 Kyunna Ignatov has played an interesting role in the drama Sergei Sideleva "A Tale of newlyweds" (Shura Kulik). Then there was the role of the journalist Elena Alekseeva Riabinina in the film "Morning Again" spaceship crew member "Vega" Masha Ivanova in the science fiction film "Planet of Storms" and even a few tapes. Since the beginning of the 70`s actress longer in the movie was not filming.

Recent years

In the early 70-ies Kyunna Ignatov got married for the third time. Her choice was a young actor Alexander Dick (he was 14 years younger than the spouse), known for the film "Dangerous turn".

In 1987, the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater came the infamous split. Some of the actors began to work under the direction of Oleg Efremov; Ignatov and Dick together with the other actors preferred to stay with Tatiana Doronin. However, this is not particularly reflected in the career Kyunny Nikolayevna. At first, she got the role of Frau Wermelskirchen in the play "The driver Henschel," but then the statement was removed from the repertoire, and again followed the episodes ...

February 18, 1988 Kyunna Nikolaevna did not come to the theater. And it was not the next day. Worried colleagues went home and broke down the door, found the actress lying on the floor unconscious. At the "First Aid" she was taken to hospital, but doctors were not able to anything to help her. February 21 Kyunna Nikolaevna died.


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