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Date of Birth: 01/18/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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"Krokodil" Entelis Xenia was born in Moscow in the family of writer Nikolai Entelis known political satires, published in the. The roots of this unusual family name back to ancient times. Xenia ancestor was a Greek prince Nasi, who lived centuries ago on the island of Rhodes, and met many great people of his time. The actress says that, considering the paintings of old family photos of artists, she discovered that very similar to the cousin of the prince ...


With the acting profession Xenia first came in contact during his school years, due to his mother, who, when he saw a report on TV about the experimental Youth Theatre under the direction of Vyacheslav Spesivtseva, decided to give to her daughter. Ksenia recalls that in the theater it was interesting: "Regular schools I honestly never liked. And then everything was different, and I am very grateful to the teachers: they have taught us endurance. I remember when we filmed with her friends in the "pie", the director and assistants went and wondered: yes you relax, finally eat! What we have always answered that it is not tired. We used to work a lot. At seven in the morning got up, I was still living far away, I had to go to the center, at half past eight sessions began. After school has a whole bunch of: acrobatics, acting, rehearsal ... And so six days a week. And on Sunday we were given a task that we are not lying fool. So I hardy, like a circus horse: I can work as long as you drop. "

At the same time, in the school years, the debut of Xenia Entelis on the screen. She took part in the filming of the popular children`s newsreel "Jumble". All this predetermined the further choice of profession. But ... There was at Xenia and other dream - to become an archaeologist. "I was so interested in: excavation, shards, remains, blow dust particles from all this - he recalls the actress. - I still shake hands when I think about it. But now the train has left, unfortunately ... "

Moscow Art Theater School

After training at Spesivtseva Xenia Entelis he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School. About the years she spent remembers as the brightest part of his life. Xenia studied on the course Tarhanova Ivan, son of the famous theater actor Mikhail Tarhanova. Among the teachers she had outstanding masters, "the last of the Mohicans" old drama school. It was possible to talk of the future actress Vitali Yakovlevich Vilenkin, who was very close to Mikhail Bulgakov.

Being a student at Moscow Art Theatre School, Ksenia got one more parallel education. Among the other students she was selected for study in a musical theater school in the US state of Florida. There, among other things, Xenia studied musical history, which in our country was then still little known.

Theatre and Music

In the third year of the School of Moscow Art Theatre Ksenia Entelis he was invited Peter A. Stein in the theater performance "Lenk" "The Bremen Town Musicians". At first, she was dancing there in the form of different animals. Then the actress "upgraded" to the role of atamansha. When in 1992 Ksenia graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School, she was working in the Lenkom.

On the stage of stellar Lenkoma Xenia Entelis unable to realize its full potential. On the other hand, it has attracted attention as a talented author test songs. When in 2002 Nicholas Parfenyuk started the release of the album "Sing actors" Lenkom "theater, based on most of the songs went to Xenia verses. The CD was released on the company "Melody-Europe" and was a great success. Among the performers were Karachentsov Nikolai, Dmitri Singers Sergei Chonishvili, Viktor Rakov, Alexander Lazarev. With Dmitry Pevtsov Xenia Entnlis subsequently was able to work again, when he recorded his solo album, "Moonlight Road". In addition, the songs on poems Xenia Entelis sounded in the film directed by Helena Tsyplakova "Striped summer."

Another World

In April 2003, Xenia left Entelis Lenk. The reason - shooting a movie that does not align with the schedule of performances. In addition, around the time she was invited to his entreprise Alexander Abdulov. Xenia says: "I am somehow very strongly, literally one day left Lenk. I still wonder how I went for it. Now, when looking back, it seems to me that these 12 years in the theater, I just slept and did not see around. And when, fortunately opened my eyes, I realized that there is another world. "

The entreprise Abdulov Xenia Entelis has been involved in productions of "Everything passes" (Lena), "Family Idyll" (Vick) and the familiar "Bremen Town Musicians" (Atamansha). With performances she has traveled almost the entire country, a lot of the tour was abroad. The work in the entreprise Ksenia recalls with pleasure. The staff was wonderful repertory. Xenia was able to work with Sergey Nikonenko Proklova Elena, Irina Alferova, Georgy Martirosyan, Andrei Panin, Alexei Maklakov, Irina Lachin. A team spirit was certainly by Alexander Abdulov.

Another chapter in the work of Ksenia Entelis became involved in the "Quartet" and "theater productions. He invited her Vyacheslav Hite with which they are familiar since school times in the theater. The "Quartet" actress first played the role of Susie in the play "Radio Day", and then the same role in the "Day of the elections."


Active in the movies Xenia Entelis start after leaving the Lenkom. As already mentioned, the shooting and were one of the reasons for leaving the theater. Then the actress was offered the lead role of Rita in the series "Twin Twix". The project was very interesting, but unfortunately, it was never completed. Followed by roles in the series "Private Detective" (Olga Zarubin), "thunder" (Irina Sokolova), "Doomed to become a star" (stylist Vic).

In the historical drama "Alexandrovsky Garden" (2005), tells the story of the era of 40-ies of the twentieth century, Xenia Entelis appeared before the audience in the form of Ruslavinoy singer. How smartly looked her character, performing a concert in the Kremlin! Long velvet dress, a braid over her head ... And the voice of the song played Ruslavinoy popular Russian singer Valeria.

Surprisingly for Xenia became her statement to the public prosecutor Svetlana rolpomoschnika Schukina in the TV series "Law & Order: Operational Investigations Division". Surprisingly, because these characters do not ever play it. Her character - a hard man and unquestioned - the perfect contrast to the most Xenia. For the role had to teach, rather, to cram complex legal terminology. But it was worth it, because she thinks the actress work in "law and order" godsend. The series was a success with the audience, and after the first season was followed by shooting the second and third.


First time married Xenia Entelis came immediately after graduation. The actress confesses that if she just wanted to be older, and the relationship with her husband had been youthful. Four years later they parted.

With her future second husband, musician of the "Araks" Alexander, Xenia met in Lenkom. They soon realized that for each other. Xenia says: "We have an incredible understanding. In family life it is very important to be friends. Family - is a big job. If you`re bosom buddies, then all will live a life of love and romance. We have so. A formal proposal of marriage my husband did. Everything was without rings and flowers, we just agreed to marry. Now we grow wonderful son Maxim. "


1997 thief

2000-2007 Turkish March - series

2002 Late dinner with ...

Striped summer 2003

2003 And in the morning they woke up

2004 Twin Twix (was not finished)

2005 Private Detective - series

2005 Gromov - series

2005 Virtual romance

2005 Archangel / Archangel (UK)

2005 Alexander Garden - series

2005-2007 Doomed to become a star - series

2006 Evlampiya Romanova 3: Cancun at the funeral

2007 Sovereign`s Servant

2007 On the way to the heart

2007 Law & Order: Department of operative investigations - series

2007 Law & Order: Department of operative investigations (second season) - TV series

2008 cop-in-law

2009 Law & Order: Department of operative investigations (third season) - TV series

2010 Yefrosinya

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