Picture of Kwiat

Year of birth : 1907

Age: 108 years

Citizenship : United States

One hundred years of pure luxury`Kwiat` - American jewelry house with more than a century of history ; it was founded in 1907 by Sam Kviatom (Sam Kwiat). Today Kwiat` ` remains in the hands of the family, owns Kviat Greg (Greg Kwiat).

Ornaments of this old American jewelry company are Glenn Close (Glenn Close) and Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde),Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman) and Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone), Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) and Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah), Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) and Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera). Diamonds from `Kwiat` - it`s timeless classics, which is kept in caskets sets of Hollywood movie stars, wealthy heiresses, singers ,leading the world charts, and influential ladies from the political and business circles. Moreover, among the rich and famous fans of the brand and a lot of male names.

Since its inception, it has been more than a hundred years, `Kwiat` continues to stir the imagination of his audience ornaments of diamonds and precious metals. Adhering to those techniques ,that for many years were passed from one generation to another, `Kwiat` processes each stone in such a way as to make it shine as vividly as possible, and creates each ornament so that it was worthy of wearing the brand stamped ` Kwiat`.Throughout its history, `Kwiat` never stopped improving and has come a long way from the shop of vintage jewelry to one of the leading suppliers of diamonds. Today the name `Kwiat` - this is one of the biggest names in the industry of bridal jewelry and jewelry in the area of high fashion. In our time, the head of the company are great-grandchildren Sam Kviata, founder of `Kwiat`, relying on long-standing reputation as a family - absolute honesty, loyalty and commitment to its customers.

When in 1907, Sam Kviat founded, it was a small shop on Canal Street in New York City (New York), which sold vintage jewelry with diamonds. The history and evolution of the jewelry house `Kwiat` largely reflect the high fashion jewelry progress in the United States (United States). Over time, the son of Sam David (David Kwiat) took over the family business, turning a small shop into a major player on the jewelery scene,Manufacturer and supplier of high quality diamonds for the New York jewelry market - and in the process helped transform the 50 - ies of the last century the area 47th Street in ` diamond tsarstvo`. In addition, under the control of David`s company began to produce diamond jewelry retail stores ,and in 1955 he was one of the first released the catalog of jewelry, in order to win new small markets across the country.

Since the beginning of the new millennium Kviat family, including two sons, David Lowell (Lowell Kwiat) and Sheldon (Sheldon Kwiat), I decided it was time to turn in `Kwiat` brand. In 2004, they hired a jewelry designer Janice Debell (Janice DeBell), a unique specialist and veteran of the jewelry industry, worked for many years in the `Tiffany & Co.`, resulting in the collection of jewelry, whose prices ranged from a thousand dollars to several million. Today, Janice works out to five collections a year in addition to a line of bridal jewelry and unique, one-of- a-kind jewelry.

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