Picture of Kush

Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


In case the name `Kush` already in use, the musicians have chosen another ,alternative name `Dr. Kush`.

`Kush` - American rap - metal band from Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California), founded in 2000, rapper B-Real, whose real name - Louis Freese (Louis Freese),guitarist `Deftones` Stephen Carpenter (Stephen Carpenter) and former members of the group ` Fear Factory` Raymond Herrera (Raymond Herrera), a drummer, and Christian Oldom Volbersom (Christian Olde Wolbers), guitarist.

For the first time the project became known in 2000. In case the name `Kush` already in use, the musicians have chosen another ,alternative name `Dr. Kush`. In November 2000 it was reported that the team is fully finished recording tracks 7. The following year, B-Real, vocalist, has expressed interest in the release of their debut album in 2002 or 2003. In 2002, `Kush` performed at the fifth annual festival ` Cypress Hill Smoke Out`,The event was opened song called `Psycho Killer`, one of the 10 completed by that time tracks prepared for a possible release of the album. B-Real said that their music is different from the music of any other team rap metal - it is a bit more aggressive. In April 2002, it was reported ,that `Kush` completed work on their debut album, but had difficulties with his release on the grounds that the musicians of the group contracts with different labels. In November 2002 it was reported that the album is not finished yet, but close. More news about the album was not.

Over 10 years of existence, the group has not released any release -neither single nor, even more so, of the album. It is interesting that during this time B-Real has recorded several solo projects, Stephen Carpenter, not leaving from the `Deftones`, took part in the recording of five albums the group since 2001, and worked on the release of the project ` Sol Invicto`, constantly Volbers he worked in the studio with `Fear Factory`,`Arkaea` and other musicians, as well as Herrera.

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