Kumar Mangalam Birla

Picture of Kumar Mangalam Birla

Date of birth: 14.06.1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Kumar

Citizenship: India


Kumar Mangalam Birla is among the ten richest young businessmen of the world and is one of the richest people in India. 40-year-old Kumar is the owner and director of one of the largest business enterprises in India, Aditya Birla Group, which includes some of the leading Indian companies: Gracia, Hindalko, Ultratehtsement, Aditya Birla and New Idea Tselular. In addition, Kuma Mangalam Birla is the founder and director of several large joint ventures: Birla Sanlayf (financial services) and Birla NLC (electrical engineering). Interests Kumar Mangalam Birla as the businessman does not only stop at the Indian business, he is a board member of a group of international companies located in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt, whose interests also extend to Canada, China, Laos, the US, UK and Australia.

Kumar Mangalam Birla was born June 14, 1967 in the Indian city of Kumar, he received an excellent education, graduating from the University of Bombay and London Business School. Kumar got a very good start in the business, becoming the heir to the world`s largest companies for the production of cement, founded by his great-grandfather.

Good business education and excellent business acumen Kumar allowed him to develop an inherited family biznesdo level biggest commercial empire with a turnover of 7.6 billion dollars and made it the richest businessmen in the world with a total net worth is estimated at 10.2 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine.

The ability to think globally, business acumen, diplomacy and interpersonal skills have been used successfully by Kumar in the following positions in different organizations in India:

- Head of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of India;

- Board member of the Constitutional Committee;

- Member of the Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India on trade and industry;

- Ministry of Commerce Chairman of India;

- The National Security Council of India;

- Member of the Board of Investment in Indian industry;

- Member of the National Council of the Confederation of Indian Industry;

- Board member of the Advisory Council of the Chamber of Commerce of India;

- Member of the Organizing Committee for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010;

Achievements Kumar Mangalam Birla in their own business, his contribution to Indian and global business as a whole, its active participation in the social life of the country, has repeatedly noted by various international rating organizations and did Kumar, owner of many prestigious international honors and awards.