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Date of Birth: 1943

Age: 72

Place of birth: Treviso

Nationality: Kenya


Cookies Gollman (Kuki Gallmann, 1943) - Italian writer and poet.

Cookies Born in Treviso, near Venice. In 1972., together with her son and her husband, she moved to Kenya; at the moment she is a citizen of this country. Gollman wrote several books about his life in Africa, all in English; the most famous of them - `I dreamed about Afrike` (` I Dreamed of Africa`). In 2000 film adaptation of the book was made. Cookies Now lives in Kenya with her daughter and has several social, environmental and scientific projects. Son Gollman died of snakebite, and her husband died in a car crash.

As a teenager, Cookie went to Africa with his father; during this trip she visited the Sahara desert. In 1970 Gollman returned to Africa - and almost fell in love with this land. In 1972. she moved to Kenya with her second husband Paolo and son Emmanuel.

Upon arrival they have acquired `Ol Ari Nyiro`, stoakrovoe ranch on the border of the Great Rift Valley in northern Kenya; where they created the first anti-poaching squad involved in the protection of the population of black rhinos, elephants, buffalo and leopard. Cookies are actively attracted to the ideas of wildlife conservation.

In 1980 her husband Gollman crashed car - he drove home a crib for the unborn child. Three years later, a seventeen year old Emmanuel tried to milk a snake to produce raw materials for the antidote; bite his players cost him his life.

In memory of the dead Cookies founded Memorial Golmann; then it was definitively established in the opinion to devote his life to save the wildlife of Kenya. Currently she divides her time between working in Nairobi, working on the ranch, the conduct of international negotiations and writing activities. Thus, developed a system Gollman accurate extraction of oil from the land of local Plains.

Gollman - founder and director of the Forum wildlife Laikipia, Kenyan Ecotourism Society, Conservation Laikipia Wildlife Fund and the Association of Sanctuaries for Rhino on private lands; as a writer is the chairman of the educational committee of the Forum wildlife Laikipia - under her leadership, the committee introduces an African ecology schedule Kenyan primary schools.

One of the main activities Gollman is to create living spaces, buildings and harmonious interior, built on borrowed from wildlife receptions.

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