Ksenia Romenkova

Picture of Ksenia Romenkova

Date of Birth: 04/25/1987

Age: 29

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Laureate Diploma Award "Gold leaf" festival "Your chance" for best acting ensemble (work in "Days of Turbin `performance)

Winner of the "Best Actress" at the festival of military movies named after Yuri Ozerov in Ryazan (2011, for his role in "Five brides" movie)

The spontaneous choice

Xenia Romenkova was born and raised in Moscow. As a child, the girl was loaded in full. In the morning she studied at the physico-mathematical school, then was engaged in painting, dancing, attending music school cello. Why the cello? The fact is that when a mother brought in Xenia music school, was very bidders, and no one in the cello violin and piano. Then Xenia was still much to be taxed, and only later she fell in love with this instrument. "We played a lot, I really enjoyed!" - Says Xenia.

In 9th grade before Xenia was a question of choice of profession. Her parents were energy and because his daughter is also seen in this profession. Under their influence, Ksenia decided to enter the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and in the 10th grade went to study at the preparatory courses at the Institute. She recalls: "I came to the first class, and all seemed to me very interesting. The second session began formulas and problems, I began to realize that not much have time and something I do not understand. I realized the third lesson, what exactly do not have time and I do not understand ... And six months later torment realized it was not mine at all. "

Go to college theater Xenia mom offered. This was said in their hearts - say, go in VGIK, since you`re such a drama. A Xenia, before and did not think about the scene took, and actually signed up for courses at VGIK. She came back and suddenly found himself in a different world! "I thought I was in a parallel universe! - Ksenia recalls. - I`m used to his musicians, they are also people from the arts, but others. And everything is liberated! The first lesson we have led a remarkable woman: she was smoking a cigarette with a thick mouthpiece, talking low breast, mysterious voice ... It was magical! So I decided to become an actress! "

WTU them. Shepkina

By the 11th class of Xenia has firmly decided on the choice. After school, she enrolled at the Higher Theatre School (Institute) of them. Shchepkina on V.I.Korshunova course. Student years passed quickly, and in 2008 received the actress Ksenia Romenkova diploma. Among its theses were: Lady Sniruel in the play "The School for Scandal," Marcellin in the "Barber of Seville", Steshka in the play "Love - Golden Book" and the brilliant role of Elena Talberg in Bulgakov`s "Days of Turbin."

This work Romenkova Xenia says: "At the graduation performance" Days Turbin, "which put the People`s Artist of Russia Alexander Korshunov, I played Elena Talberg. I have a lot of things did not work, because Elena - woman who is full of nobility and heart palpitations for their loved ones, with the rod of womanhood, which I did not. Alexander wanted, so I found this pin, which can be layered, to string the rest ... After this work I became the other in life ... "

Job Xenia Romenkovoy and its partners on the play "Days of Turbin" was awarded the Diploma Prize, "Golden List" for best acting ensemble at the festival "Your chance".


In a relatively short period of time Xenia Romenkova has worked at the Theater on Pokrovka under the guidance of Sergey Artsibashev (Natasha Rostova in the play "Princess Mary"), in the Theater. Mayakovsky (Claudius in the play "Frontier"), the Maly Theater ( "Poverty - is no crime). For a while she sang already mentioned the role of Elena Talberg staged by Theater on Strastnom "Days of turbines."

In addition the young actress has successfully played in antrepriznyh performances "Turmoil in loft" and "Love Potion" organized by the agency "Art-Partner XXI