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Date of Birth: 03/29/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The headmistress of the Institute for Noble Maidens

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Xenia from early childhood was close to art and surrounded by an atmosphere of creative bohemians. Little Xenia often in the theater Mossovet, where her mother worked, saw the rehearsals, performances and backstage life of the actors. The formation of the daughter of parents have paid special attention, and Xenia was learning in school with advanced study of foreign languages. Mother Talyzina Valentina, was born in Omsk and in 1950 moved to Moscow, where she met her future husband and her daughter`s father.

The mother and father of the actress divorced when Xenia was four years old, and she was left to live with his mother. According to the stories of the actress, her father leaving the family, was able to honestly admit that I loved another woman and told her daughter that still loves her. Later Leonid Nepomnyashchii left the Soviet Union and went to Mexico, where he was able to creatively realized, and even find a life partner - Ocean Xenia`s father married a second time. Great help in the education provided actress Susie`s grandmother, mother, Valentina Talyzina.

After leaving high school walls, Xenia Khairova filed documents in GITIS. The product with which the future actress in 1986, performed in front of the examination committee, was `Tsygan` Pushkin. Subtleties of acting Xenia comprehended in the workshop EN Lazareva. Training girl finished with success, and in 1990goda made her debut in the movie. It was a small role in the six-part tape `Nicholas Vavilov`. The film was Alexander Proshkin, and on the set of Xenia worked with actors such as the Costas Smoriginas and Bogdan Stupka. An interesting fact is that in 1975, when Xenia was 6 years old, she starred in an episode of the movie `Afonya` - little girl played the role of a daughter Athos in dreams Barshchou. At the beginning of his creative career the actress took the surname of his grandmother, becoming Khairova.

After a modest debut in the film `Nicholas Vavilov` actress received offers to star in movies from several directors. In the future, Xenia felt no special roles deficit, its talented game was in demand, and in the 90s and now. Today Xenia Khairova filmography includes more than 20 films and serials of different genres. And as an actress is very diverse, sometimes even opposite, but in any film actress she was able to get used to the image of each of her character, whether Russian Empress or young secretary. The filmography of the actress a whole collection of works. Among them, `Daughters materi`, Aeroport`` `Race for schastem`,` The Chronicles of slaughter otdela`, `exemplary soderzhaniya` House and many others.

The huge popularity of the actress brought to work in serials tape `Institute of noble devits` where Ksenia Sokolova performed rolLidii - headmistress of the Institute. Filming took place a long time, from 2010 to 2013, and she Ksenia estimates this job is difficult enough, for some time occupied a large part of her life. During the filming of the TV series `Institute of noble devits` Khairova parallel play in the theater, so she is often tired, giving creative activities all his strength. But the work has been very fruitful, and the actress was pleased with her result.

2013 for the actress has also been busy in terms of filming. She has worked in the TV series `Until death krasivy` fulfilling its role in Larissa Antonova. At the same time, Ksenia took part in the filming of the popular TV series` Univer. Sasha and Tanya` in the film `` Operation Kuklovod``, as well as production in the US movie film titled `Koloss`. Today in the process of filming are movies with Ksenia Khairova waiting to exit the screen. It films `` Good ruki` and Umeltsy`.

Skillful execution of a wide variety of roles the actress demonstrates not only the set, but also on the stage of Theatre of the Russian Army, which is a great success and enthusiasm is more than 20 years. During this time, Xenia Khairova played more than 15 leading roles in theater productions. This year at the theater actress can be seen in the performances of `` Forever Odnoklassniki` and zhivye`.

Personal life of the famous actress was quite difficult. Xenia thrice married officially, but each union ended in divorce. Eldar Urmancheev - the first husband of actress. In the future spouses flared bright passion, and it ended in marriage. But life together did not work because of different views on life and the inability to find a compromise. Eldar offered his wife to leave for permanent residence in America, but the actress did not want to take this step and leave the country. Today, the former spouses are warm friendly relations. Second marriage Xenia Khairova was very difficult, and the actress recalls the reluctance of the former husband. Conflict of the spouses was so strong and unpleasant that her daughter Xenia Anastasia is the name of Khairova. The third attempt to gain family happiness was not successful, and the marriage lasted eight years, failed.

Currently, talented actress lives with her beloved man in a civil marriage and a daughter from his second marriage, who was born in 1999. Nastia has been enthusiastically dancing, dreaming of becoming a ballerina, and Xenia are very serious approach to the education of his daughter, believing that children can not be over-indulge. The current choice of the actress understands the creative activity of Xenia, supporting her in all endeavors.

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