Ksenia Byravskaya

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Date of Birth: 09/29/1977

Age: 39

Citizenship: Russia

Kissing with Basharov - working time

About the shooting in Vietnam

- Two and a half months of shooting were in Vietnam. Cane Grove, jungle ... We are in the rainy season, and these showers on the film look stunningly beautiful. In the mountains, where we worked, there were many snakes, so the site is constantly on duty local snake catcher. But one of our skunk still bitten.

I`m often asked whether my "History of the pilot" liked kissing Marat Basharov? At the kissing on the set there is nothing romantic, it`s just working now. And filming Marat was easy, we understood each other perfectly.

About the series "palmist

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Ksenia Byravskaya picture
Ksenia Byravskaya photo