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Birthday : 8/20/1965, the

Age: 50 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Chris Lawrence Parker

Original name: Kris Laurence Parker


A key figure of KRS-One all know ! Regardless of whether you like it or not, KRS-One - is very hip- hop, as he once itself is not very modestly said.

first ,that affects KRS-One, - this is how young he looks for a 34 -year-old man. Such a young face without a hint of age is rarely seen among thinkers. In life it is the same as in his songs, edifying tone does not change, but for some reasonmany are of that kind it bore a hell of patience and long considered an ordinary preacher, which promotes its ideas through black music for a long time and all fed up. Let`s see whether this really is.

Chris Lawrence Parker was born in New York quarter Sleup Park (Park Slope), which is located in the southern part of Brooklyn ,and from childhood was a rebel. In the 14 years to get rid of annoying guardianship of his mother and the debility of the system of the New York School, he left home and lived for many years anywhere, playing basketball, became interested in graffiti under the pseudonym KRS-One (the so-called acronym and stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone) and read clever books. The homeless shelter called him Krishna (Krishna), since Chris was keenly interested krishnaitstvom and even studied religion. The guy was not on years the smartest, though, and hooligans stole at least the rest.

When he nakonetsthen got a room at the guest house (something like our hostel, except that pokomfortnee) , life has become much more fun and there were real friends and colleagues on hobby hip- hopopom. Next to them lived a young lawyer Scott Sterling (Scott Sterling), who enthusiastically moonlighting DJ in his spare time. When they found common ground,born hip-hop project BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS (BDP). Apart from KRS-One, who had little experience in readings Funny rap collective 12:41, and Sterling, who became Scott La Rock, the group came in and D-Nice. And it happened in 1986.

Their first two singles "South Bronx" (as a response to the track MC Shan and Marley Marl "The Bridge", which stated ,that hip - hop was born in their native Queens) and "Crack Attack" immediately received a permanent residence in the DJ Red Alert famous radio show, and paved the way for a real revolution in hip-hop, which made their debut album "Criminal Minded",written in close collaboration with their compatriots from the Bronx ULTRAMAGNETIC MC`S headed restless Kool Keith. Many call it the first album introduced the world to gangsta rap, and KRS-One, BDP author of texts - the founder of this style, but he opposes such statements and ready to give all the glory to the work N.W.A."Straight Outta Compton" and "Just Ice" (his first album) . Rather, he would agree with the term " first hardcore rapper ", although he sees the word " hardcore " in relation to music only in a literal translation from English, you have the ability to affect the most hidden places of the human soul.

Now,merit "Criminal Minded" is somewhat different plane. The fact is that until 1987, when I got this record, rappers, like in the movies, were fictional characters in his songs, where their imagination work at all. After the release of "Criminal Minded" they seem to have fallen on the ground, steel themselves, and came the notorious cult realityon which the first gangsta rap, and then the heavy burden of his youth suddenly became a fixture of the whole rap. Black music back to its roots and it looks like all is very happy with. ..

In addition, the record company popularized the sports outfits "Nike", which has since become for rappers such as the cult brand ,as the "Adidas" and "Reebok".

However, the composer`s genius DJ Scott La Rock was destined to very short fate. 27 August 1987 the same unknown made him a few shots when Scott was sitting in my car, parked in one of the alleys of the native of the South Bronx, and the BDP in a moment orphaned. KRS-One felt the need for radical changes in the concept of their work and of the poet turned into a real teacher, designed to affect the problems of drug trafficking and violence in the streets, rotten political interests of the state, the elimination of racism ,promote safe sex and to eradicate slave-like stereotypes among the colored people of America. He has recorded with the BDP has five studio albums and has composed a decent amount recognized as hits ("My Philosophy", "Still Number 1 ", "The Style You Haven`t Done Yet", "Ya Know The Rules"), worked with different compositions (Melodie, Rebekah, D-Square joined the D-Nice and KRS-One), for the first time crossed the rap and reggae, has developed his own unique vocal style, which to this day mercilessly copied (by the way, his plagiarist he dedicated the track "Original Lyrics" on the album "Edutainment"), first among rappers rode with concerts and lectures on philosophy at the universities of America (ColombiaHarvard, Stanford, etc.) , for which he was nicknamed "The Teacher" (Teacher).

However, in the early `90s, most fans of the hip hop considered that KRS-One has turned into an ordinary boring preacher, and almost turned away from him. Parker was able to restore its authority only in 1992 ,after he recorded the album "Sex & Violence" with a tough street sounds and more meaningful, as always philosophical, ideas, but in moderation, but the project has not been a commercial success.

More KRS-One was no less extensively and successfully perform under its own name, but with the assistance of the same people. With the passage of time to it periodically joined producers DJ Premier (of GANG STARR) and Commisioner Gordon, brother of KRS-One DJ Kenny Parker, Mad Lion and Channel Live. From the masterpieces of 90th note "MC`s Act Like They Don`t Know", "Sound Of Da Police", a cover of rapclassics BLONDIE "Rapture" under the new name "Step Into A World" with a young singer Keva, the singing of Deborah Harry, and intoned KRS-One, as well as a series of tracks with Redman and Puff Daddy (as you is the community?) .

KRS-One has remained faithful to his principles and continued to educate the black masses.

Philosophy KRS-One:

In general, the philosophy -science -specific and not everyone knows how you can get peace of buzz for days spending for books, in discussions and reflections on the eternal problems of mankind. Also I am sure that not all finish reading this chapter to the end. Still, try to look into it, as evidenced by KRS-One. There`s a lot of reasonable. ..

So the first thing. Try as much as possible to reduce the distance between themselves and the substance that you think. For example, if you consider yourself part of the hip-hop culture, we should not say, "I do hip-hop or I am part of this culture. ". Feel free to say. " I hip- hop I am a hip-hop culture ! ". Among the rappers and rap fans decided to greet each other with the words "Peace God". It is good that you want the good supposedly its progenitor, but enough to waste time in prayer to some supernatural being. Become God. Be Krishna. Jesus. Allah. Buddha. Believe in yourself, in your strength, and you will succeed. In continuation of God. Everyone wants to talk with God, to know whether he is and where he is. And then there are the priests, a variety of (but in fact exactly the same on your face and thoughts) priests, priests and other so-called servants of God on earth. They poked a finger at the sky, beckoning to the church, endlessly quote the Bible ,take alms for anything (in God`s name) , and all because we are all born sinners ! If they believe all life, we must carry out in repentance and polunemom communion with God, which, on the one hand, all the love, and the other - punishes. If your prayers are not satisfied with it, after the allotted period on earth you sent fried in a skillet. Will exemplary parishioner - all you forgive and show the way to the heavenly grace. And the fact that all are equal before God, the priests somehow forget and think that they have more power and are closer to him. Church anciently climbed into the affairs of state, but it is clear her ministers have forgotten that Jesus, who Christians from the holy saints ,sentenced to death and killed the same policy. In essence, Jesus was a revolutionary who for all his good intentions in touch with people he and his progressive ideas were then absolutely do not need, opposed the government and was executed.

Several fresh arguments. Firstly, there is a lot to consider preconditionsthat the Creator of our universe and the living entity is represented in one way or another in every living organism on Earth. Secondly, the content of archaic books, manuscripts, scrolls and letters (including the Bible) written by man, and many of them are first passed on by word of mouth, and then received a written or printed form. It enters into force well-known law of damaged phone. Third, God is not alive and have never lived in the pages of the Bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita or the Torah. God from birth settles in our hearts and minds, and is interested in our thoughts and feelings. And the Bible - it`s a good story, and sometimes even a great informative newspaper. No earthly religion can not be stronger than God, who lives within you. And, fourthly, God - that`s life. God - this is love.

Second. About the self-creation. Hip - hop has created himself. Of course, he did not come out of thin air, based on the main traditions of some other styles, but no one helped. Hence we conclude, the golden rule of hiphop "No one can help you until you can not take myself seriously for the cause. " Stop complaining about the difficulties, but rather we will work hard to achieve something. Do not expect support from the state. It cares about its citizens only in the aggregate and then only on paper.

Third. And at such a young culture, hip hop ,It has its own traditions. From the point of view of the hip- hop world he revived only in 1970, when the legendary Cool Herp (note on the Russian - English reads "cool black man ") was first used his DJ set of two turntables, but his genes were brought to America a century ago together with the first black slaves. Incidentally, hip- hop -it is the only culture that was born in America itself, it has to do with a purely American problem and the experience of living in a given area. Everyone else in the final developed form were brought from different parts of the world by emigrants. Incidentally, this is also clearly shows that all the Europeans, who allegedly engaged in hip-hop ,just fooling themselves and their fans. KRS-One, in my opinion quite rightly, believes that the rapper can only be black and Latinos (or at least half-breeds, who have African genes). Therefore, from our Fedi never get gangsta rapper, and not even becausethat all his 18 years, he lived in a five-storey building and have never seen a bag with crack, this muzzle and did not live on the street! A recitative with problematic texts - it`s just a pseudo- hip- hop. It has no roots, no genes and past.

In general, it is obvious that KRS-One in his youth had read too much philosophical literature ,Learn the basic directions of development of philosophical thought and now (now thirteen years old) can not see the abstruse book. Now he believes that any book carries very little objectivity and expresses only the opinion of its authors. The authors could be wrong. But even if you do it and prove it ,still no one to rewrite and republish your work again will not.

Another philosophical question : " What rank as the underground ? ". According to the Master, rap in its present state for a long time belongs meystrimnomu society. If you wear "Adidas " and drink " Coca -Cola ", like millions of people, say goodbye to the underground.Although until now, many have retained a reverent attitude to things classified as " underground ", which is associated in the right context with something original and samovyrazitelnym. But over the years rap has lost these qualities. If you released at least one album at some label, you automatically take off from the underground. The only member of the honorary societies are essentially the only artists without a contract.

And for a snack saga of intelligence. You may ask how this is hardly received his sight, and seized upon all current benefits and equal rights for the Negro, a descendant of illiterate slaves, can be intelligent ? Very simple. According to KRS-One, an intellectual - is not the same ,who owns the knowledge, but the one who is able to dispose of them. If you have a craving for their preparation and a clear head - rest is a matter of technique.

Projects KRS-One:

Recently, the whole world was spaced news that KRS-One finally opened Temple Hip - Hop (The Temple Of Hip-Hop). In order to acquire a building for him ,Teacher even had a big surprise for his fans at the end of 1995 to star in advertising "Nike" on the basketball theme, then crawled in note rap press that every member of the opposition, however rebellious nor would his ideas, has its price. KRS-One does not become to explain, but in a few years, the organization, which poddezhivayutBesides KRS-One, Afrika Bambaataa, Chuck D, ROCKSTEADY CREW, Phase 2, the Futura 2000 and a few more big names of hip-hop, has built a center of black culture in the heart of New York. The project essentially continued the work begun by Afrika Bambaataa and his ZULU NATION. Naturally, using KRS-One and his philosophical investigations will now build a strong ideological basis, which, in theory, should be to unite the black race, starting from the culture to which they claim to rank as of old. And the first step of the Temple Hip - Hop has proclaimed cohesion and organization of all the components of hip-hop culture : DJ, MC,breykerov and graffiti (plus KRS-One added a fifth element - the philosophers) .

In general, this temple was conceived as one big family, which will promote love for all living things, a healthy lifestyle, self-sufficiency and confidence in their strength, peace and mutual understanding, as well as forgiveness and tolerance.

Another movement that KRS-One organized in 1989, is called "Stop The Violence". During the dawn of gangsta rap that person made a call to all the rappers to stop until it`s too late, promotion of violence in their records. Although Gangsta rappers still continue to scare the kids and their law-abiding parents, Now this is no surprise, and ,accordingly, the demand for blood and fire in the songs fell sharply. The only thing not clear as KRS-One can protect someone from violence, as from himself (and his friends) , no one was able to protect poor tolstyachka Prince B of P.M. DOWN during a scandalous incident when KRS-One and his company on the stage side namyali rapper ,which, as it seems, takes too commercial music ?! Where is the tolerance ?!

KRS-One The following program called H.E.A.L. (Human Education Against Lies). In short, the protection of the population from the lies of the state program on behalf of its Government, politicians and other high-ranking officials, who must serve the people ,but really beautiful lie that all is well with us. And they lie not only politicians, but also teachers, and priests. For example, everyone knows that Christopher Columbus is not the first to discover America, he and his men killed and robbed the Indians of America, but the school continues to carry this stuff, and even celebrated the 500th anniversary of this event lzheznamenatelnogo.

The first action H.E.A.L. It began in 1991, and then they took part in some twenty well-known personalities of hip-hop. album "Civilization Vs. Technology" was recorded, all proceeds from which went to the publication and free distribution of (mostly young people) , the eponymous book written by KRS-One, Simone and Ready Z,which disclosed the most inhuman and false facts about the functioning of the educational practices and the religious system of the USA with alternative solutions to problems by the authors on the basis of ordinary common sense.

Afterword :

Still, I like the thinking of our hero. When I first became acquainted with his philosophy, I suddenly noticedThat on the major issues we have strikingly common views. Indeed, if God exists, He created our world and watches our actions, it needs to be much closer to their offspring and to live in them. No one has the exclusive right to represent the Creator in the world. Before him all the same. And as long as people do not believe in their own strength ,it will puff brains different intermediaries and God in him will only nap.

I hope that as a reasonable mind will bring us a new album and KRS-One "Maximum Strength" featuring Wyclef Jean, Puff Daddy, Jesse West, Buckshot, Keith Murray, Cam`ron and Redman, whose output at Jive Records was still delayed a couple of months. In any case we will wait with impatience.

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