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Date of birth: 18.01.1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Irkutsk

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of the prize of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" (2004, for his role in the "Philistines" performance).

Author: Igor BIN

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Christina Grandma was born in Irkutsk, in a family of musicians. Her father, Konstantin S. Babushkin, many years playing in the Governor`s orchestra Regional Philharmonic, and his mother, Olga Stanislavovna, taught conducting at the Regional College of Music and directed the Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Naturally, the parents and their daughter in the future seen in this area. Mother Christina said that her daughter might be a good opera singer, because she has such a wonderful voice!

Despite the fact that parents in early childhood gave Christina a music school, music is not a girl fascinated. Most of all she loved books (to read, she learned more in four years). And since my parents had a wonderful library, reading voraciously Christina. Her mother remembers such an event, "Kristine - six years, and it should be at ear training in music school. And it`s not, gone! I am broken with work nesus home, nowhere! Involved all sit roar. Then I take the addresses of her friends and go to the first girl (and near her home has opened a library). For seven o`clock in the evening, dark - and suddenly comes out from the library Kristina. The woman closes the door behind her. "Honey, where have you been?" - Cry. She lowers her head, and the woman says, "You know, our library closes at six o`clock, and I would have left earlier, but the child finished reading ..."

Christina loved to gather in the yard of the children and read to them a variety of fairy tales. I read it always with passion and in the people, already showing actors data. And if it was a bear, something real, roaring bear, if a mouse is Christina literally changed into her, going on tonyusenkoy squeak. Well, whom she was to become, if not an actress ?! One day, she and his parents said: "Enough of a family of musicians!"

The path to the profession

Christina Grandma always stood strong-willed character. I decided to become an actress - and became! In Irkutsk Drama School, she entered, in secret from the family. Parents Christina said already a fait accompli: "Congratulate me enrolled in drama school."

Everything went on as usual, when suddenly aware quad tragedy struck: Christina got into an accident. The result - a fixed foot. She endured four terrible operation. After a few months, standing on the leg, she has broken it again - could not stand the plate. Again, surgery, recovery of torn ligaments ...

From behind their classmates Christine for two years. She was offered a transfer to muzkomediynoe office, but she decided not to return to school. She took a completely unexpected decision. With polupodvizhnoy foot, which is not what dance, and it was painful to walk, she was in 1998, after only a few months after the last time, I went to Moscow. What for? To act in the metropolitan theater universities!

It seems incredible, but Christina was held simultaneously at three universities: WTU them. Shchukin, the University and the School of the Moscow Art Theatre. I choose a school-studio, where his last course of gaining Oleg Tabakov. It was he who drew attention to the talented girl, and after listening to it a poem, said the selection committee: "I am going away for a short while in Finland. Without me, this girl does not expel! "


The Studio School Christine studied at the "excellent". Already in the second year, she took part in a performance of Adolf Shapiro, "The Lower Depths", staged at the Theatre n / p O. Tabakov. The young actress played the role of Vasilisa, for which she was awarded the prestigious prize "Moscow debuts". Christine noticed directors and began to invite her in different theaters, but Christina did not change his favorite teacher. After graduating in 2002 from high school studio, she came to work in the Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, to Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov.

The first performance, where Christina got the main role were "Philistines" by Kirill Serebrennikov. It was a real success! For the role of Tatiana actress she was awarded the 2004 prize of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Subsequently, Christina was involved in plays such as "Amadeus" (Ventichelli), "Eternity and a day" (Ms. Brankovic), "He who receives a slap in the face" (ZINIDA), "Oblomov" (Girl) "Terrorism" "Teacher of literature" (Daria), "Easy taste of treason" (Lyudmila), "swift current river" (Gel and doctor).


Cinema entered the life of Christina Babushkina, when she was still a student. It begins, like most young actresses, with episodes. So in one of a series of "Power", she played the secretary scorched, starred in a episode of "Star" and "Moscow. Central District. "

However, the first work in the film were more random in nature. And Tabakov to shoot his players disapproves. In the first year of work in the theater Kristine call came from Stanislav Govorukhin in the film "Bless the Woman". Samples were successful, and Christina approved. When the theater received a telegram that causes the shooting actress, Christina hid her. "It`s still early to sell his face, albeit it hung in the Moscow Art Theater" - then said Tabakov.

But a talented actress directors already knew. In 2004, Christina Grandma starred alongside Marat Basharov in "Gene Proidisvet" from "Shukshin Stories", playing the sister of the protagonist. A year later came the high point of the actress. her success has brought the role of "banker" Zoya from the series "Diva".

The "Diva" Christina Grandma has created an unforgettable image. Her heroine Zoya along with two friends sent from a provincial town to the capital. Her dream - her husband - a real colonel and a bunch of kids. But real life is different in the plans. The heroine Christine is in the Mozhaisk colony ... actress shooting zone made an indelible impression. "There`s only all systems, eyes down ... I was dressed in a prison uniform, and all at once began to take over" his. " Even the matron. When I ran to pour himself a cup of tea, then one of them grabbed me by the shoulder and the value added: "We do not run here and go slow", "- says Christina Grandma. And how organically looked her character, sells nuts in the market! The actress is so entered into the image of her loved these local traders. Christina says that afterwards, when he saw it on the market, many touted: "Oh, Zoya Pavlovna! Come here! I have a better product! "Do discounts. Here it is - the moment the viewer`s recognition.

In recent years, Christina Grandma very much in films. Among her roles: Tatyana in the film Alexander Mokhov, "The teacher-in-law," Joan melodrama Alexander Kasatkin "Listening to Silence" plank in military ribbon Alexei Kozlov "local Boy" Angelina Volobueva comedy Alexei Gordeyev "Nobody knows about sex - 2 "Zoe Ustinova Elena Nikolaeva in the drama" Girl "and others.


With her future husband, Stanislaw Duzhnikovym Christina Grandma had long been familiar. They communicated in the same company, was organized by a mutual friend, Alexander Bukharov. Christine recalled: "One day we were at this event together with Stas. And then Sasha says: "Guys! Listen, do you have such children will have! "We then laughed about it, and six months later began dating. Stas romantic, so beautiful courting! "After a year they were married. And a proposal of marriage made by Stanislav original - via SMS. Elegant wedding, the young did not suit: married and went to a restaurant with friends ...

Cristina admits that cherishes her husband: "Stasik not hard brutal man, can be mild, for that I respect him and love. As an au pair helps. He walks to the grocery store, takes out the garbage. We never swear. Stas taught me to solve all problems by talking. " Happy wife a daughter Ustinov. The role of mother is very like Christine, and she did not rule out that more children will be in her life ...


2001 Truckers - series

2002 Star

2002 Shukshin stories

2003 Moscow. Central District - series

2003 Hello, capital!

2005 Large

2005-2006 Diva - series

2006 National Treasure

2007 Master in Law

2007 Listening to Silence

2007 A friend of the banker

2008 Sleeping Beauty and the (Russia-Ukraine)

2008 Postman

2008 Nobody knows about sex - 2

2008 Girl

2008 Fight of local significance

2009 Best Film - 2

2009 Papa Hamlet

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