Kristian Klavie

Picture of Kristian Klavie

Date of Birth: 06/05/1952

Age: 64

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France

Why should ARAB CHILDREN EMIGRANTS should respect our law?

Author: Anna Fedin

Website: Celebrities

- What do you feel riots in France?

- It is quite natural anxiety and concern. These events caused deep and complex problems, for which we turn a blind eye for so many years. On the one hand, these are questions of social protection of citizens regardless of whether they are French in origin or not, and on the other hand, this is a catastrophic failure of the authorities to ensure security in the country. The worst thing is that these people have no hope for the future: their children born in France are French, they are children of Arab immigrants. And if so, why should they have to respect our law?

- In your opinion, can the excitement grow into a revolution?

- No. It is the American type of rebellion, when oppressed part of the population does not fight for power, and for equality, that is, by the way, one of the pillars of the French Republic. Our rulers proclaimed liberty, equality and fraternity, and to sense - a little. Actually, the same problem, but in a simplified form, exists in our education system: school subjects so much that explore them all is impossible. So with the rights granted to citizens: just promise with three boxes, but it is impossible to implement.

- Did you see Michael Haneke`s Hidden?

- I`ll see him next week in Vienna. My friend Daniel Auteuil invited me to the premiere. You see, in Paris, we have no time to meet, have to fly to Austria.

- The Hidden is the thought that the French provoked aggression third world countries. Otoya Hero suffers from guilt before Algerian friends. You did not attend such thoughts?

- The French are generally inclined to self-flagellation. For example, thinking about the Second World War, from the guilt complex suffer and those who lived in the occupied territory, and those who took part in the Resistance. In my opinion, this is not the best quality, but we can not get rid of it.

- Among the friends you mentioned Daniel Otoya, and with Jean Reno and Gerard Depardieu relationship you support?

- They are my very close friends. Although friends with Depardieu, to put it mildly, difficult. He and I used to watch was performed amazing, but I`m in front of him a little bit timid. Maybe the point is that he is a man quite exceptional talent, amazing mind, and at the same time it is surprisingly miserable so often falls into melancholy. With Renault easier, because it is, on the contrary, I was born under a lucky star absolutely.

- Do you believe in the statements Depardieu about leaving the movie?

- No.

-A Attempts Reno to star in Hollywood blockbusters approve?

- Jean dog ate on the action. In fact, he became famous after the film by Luc Besson, who is always guided by Hollywood. So, just at Renault the opportunity to work in the United States, it is only a plus for him.

- Would you like to work in Hollywood?

- I worked there, but I did not like. There`s all over if they find the money, billions, if you create special effects, in such quantities that the rest does not have enough screen time. And then, for me to America, against which so long fought the Soviet Union is a country of victorious communism. There is, first, all the same, even a set of products in refrigerators or things in the closet-paid managers and poor servant, and secondly, in the States, everything is subordinated to iron hierarchy. The life of the country is so well planned that there are no surprises can not be expected from it.

- Who do you support in the plush syndrome, your hero - a monopoly owner or proletarian, played by Jacques Vieira?

- In his last tirade, I forgot to specify that the ideas of communism have never attracted. So get up on the side of my character is not going to the opponent. Besides yahotel show businessman with a human face.

- You have played a major role in the TV series Napoleon. What you had to play, perhaps the most important person in the history of France?

- Suffice it to say that I was preparing for this role for two years. And, incidentally, in the National Hotel, where I now stood, a painting Napoleon before Moscow. So his image haunts me even in Russia.

Oligarch finished badly

Teddy syndrome goes to rent

During a recent speech on TV fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin the question What is teddy syndrome? I said: This is when the coat is sewn ass Cheburashka. French director Vincent de Bru interprets this concept differently - as an oligarch addicted to soft toys.

Three years ago Pavel Lungin immortalized oligarch Boris Berezovsky in the film. Now, after the Russian and the French director tightened, released his ode to big business. However, hardly the prototype of Jacques-Andre Marty will be satisfied with the result - it was too shallow left the protagonist teddy syndrome. If Platon Makovsky, played by Vladimir Mashkov, for happiness requires at least a live elephant, the ZhAMu his abbreviated as colleagues only need a tattered teddy bear.

But for the way Jacques Marti (Christian Clavier) hides none other than Jean-Marie Messier, surnamed ZH2M - founder of the French company of Vivendi, which became in 2000 the second largest media empire in the world. However, unable to withstand the competition, the European giant was forced to actually leave the US market. And in 2002, Messier resigned.

However, in the plush syndrome CEO Valdis has resisted the onslaught of a powerful enemy of Australia (Rupert Murdoch, as you might guess). But his plans are thwarted panic attacks that include the hero in the most crucial moments.

Teddy syndromic comedy. Here are just a few managed to amuse the audience with stories of alternating ups and downs of the stock price. It does not get it and Vincent de Bru. Even though the participation in the film by the acclaimed comedian Christian Clavier. Perhaps the famous actor and the film would have saved if the main and only the quality of his character were not stuttering and excessive sweating. And the result of all the effort Clavier is a pity, not to the character - the actor.

It is much more fun in the film looks Jacques Vieira, who played a fine accountant, an activist, a Communist and a simpleton, who suddenly appears vital Jacques Marty. As a result, the old man with the face of good bears implements one of the main precepts of socialism: the cook, to run the state. With all the ensuing consequences.

Actually, according to the logic of things in place Vieira had to prove himself Clavier, and the role ZH2M clearly meant one of his eternal companions - Jean Reno and Gerard Depardieu. The charismatic main character would clearly smoothed absurdity teddy syndrome by making a film and more ridiculous and more significant. After all, he and the other actor - figure large in themselves. But, apparently, the problem of Freudianism in life oligarchs and proletarians participate in the management of monopolies and Reno Depardieu not interested.

As the creators of kinobiografii (especially if the main character becomes a bigwig media business), Vincent de Bru threaten to Citizen Kane. However, Hamburg score, if we follow in the footsteps of Wells, it is necessary to make a film not about the Messiah and his opponent - Rupert Murdoch. That`s really who the true king of modern media. But the creators of teddy syndrome obviously wanted to support domestic producers, and that it was necessary to bring historical justice, as well as the entertainment and action movies to sacrifice correct ideology.