Koyasu Takehito

Picture of Koyasu Takehito

Date of Birth: 05/05/1967

Age: 49

Birthplace: Yokohama

Citizenship: Japan


Due to low ratings at transitional exams he got into "technical" high school (the analog of our former vocational school), where seriously appreciated their further disappointing and Prospects "come to his senses." After finishing high school, he enrolled in the courses of voice actors, and was able to succeed in this field.

His first role he played in the TV series "The Three Musketeers - Anime" [Anime Sanjushi] (1987-1989). It was a small part of the groom Aramis (yes, in this version of Aramis was a girl). Later it became the role of the main roles of villains and sertseed-krasavchikov. The first role, imevsheyopredelenny resonance, for it was the role of Snusmumriken in TV series "Happy Moomin family" [Tanoshii Muuminke] (1990).

Also because of its significant role worth mentioning: Ryuji in "DNK2" [DNA2], Hotohori in "mysterious game" [Fushigi Yuugi], Say Errey in "Ribbon Hime" [Hime-chan no Ribbon], Abaratsubo in "Club magic lovers" [Mahou Tsukai Tai], Moskiton in "Mr. Moskiton" [Master Mosquiton], Hamlin in "Macross 7" [Macross 7], Aoba in "Evangelion new generation" [Shinseiki Evangelion], Daisuke in "Ranma 1/2" [Ranma 1/2] Hanagata in "Warriors puppets Jay" [Saber marionette J], Toga in "young revolutionary Utena" [Shoujo Kakumei Utena], Rezo in "Slayers" [Slayers] Sakuradzuka Seysiro in "Tokyo Babylon" [ Tokyo Babylon], Takuto in "Doomed love-1989" [Zetsuai-1989], Bettermen in "Bettermen" [Betterman] Ilpalatstsio in "Perverted experimental animation Excel-Saga" [Heppoko Jikken animation Excel Saga] and, of course, Aya in the TV series "White cross" [Wei & # 223; Kreuz].

Incidentally, the last of the above series is created on the idea of ??Koyasu. And now he not only continues to play, but Issam actively involved in the creation and development of new projects.

As an actor, Koyasu are most attracted to the role of the tragic characters, often take the side of evil. He knows how to skillfully convey the "truth" of each such character, showing his spiritual path, to attract attention to this character and compassion of spectators.

Another part role - the characters "alternative" orientation (including in the "yaoi"). Not being a homosexual, he, nevertheless, brilliantly performs these roles are filled with life, even at first glance, completely "cliched" images.