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Known today as one of the leading performers of the so-called commercial funk -rock, Kool And The Gang started with pure jazz.

The group met in high school, and called herself Jazziacs. As the leader of the group R. fatherBella was on the short leg with such outstanding musicians as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Leon Thomas and Pharoah Sanders, it is not surprising that their influence is reflected in the music of the new group. After numerous name changes (including in the Soul Town Review and New Dimensions) in 1968, finally appeared Kool And The Gang.By the time the group has gone from jazz and worked in traditional funk. And since the band first paid attention to the concerts, Plate- their debut only in 1969 - single "Kool And The Gang" in the United States took 19 th place in the category of R & blyuzRHYTHM & (R & ATa. A characteristic feature of the style of Kool And The Gang was a sharp sounding brass, virtuoso guitar solos and powerful rhythm section. The first "golden" disc "Wild And Peaceful" was released in 1973 - the album and three hit singles ("Funky Stuff" - 5th place, "Hollywood Swinging" - 6th place and "Jungle Boogie" - 2-place) contributed to exit the group in the international arena. To some extent the character of a dance music Kool And The Gang was a harbinger of disco, but disco is pushed in the second half of the `70s this group into the shadows. In 1977, the composition of "Open Sesame" entered the soundtrack of the acclaimed movie "Saturday Night Fever" (" Saturday Night Fever ") . Individual composition group reflects the religious views of the musicians who switched to Islam.

In 1978 the band took part in the clean vocalist, and the repertoire of Kool And The Gang began to appear ballads.The song "Ladies Night" (1979, 1 st place) marked a turn towards more commercial sound, which is bound to affect the implementation figures of albums : the vast majority of works 80 were " platinum ". Who Kool And The Gang rightly considered one of the most popular groups of black -musicians skillfully balance between rhythmic primitivism, are in high demand on the part of students, and original musical discoveries. Judging by the continuing interest in the album Kool And The Gang, this combination - a kind of formula for success.

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