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Date of Birth: 09/20/1888

Age: 68

Place of birth: a. Bazarnyi Syzgan

Citizenship: Russia


Konstantin Zubov was born 8 (20) September 1888 in the village of Bazarnyi Syzgan (now Bazarnosyzgansky District of the Ulyanovsk region) (according to other sources in Vyatka).

Constantine was fond of the theater from a young age, but parents are not sharing this passion for the end of the school sent his son to study at a technical institute in Nancy (France), where Constantine was supposed to receive the profession of engineer. A year later, the change of teeth study place: he entered the historical-philological faculty of the University of Paris.

In 1906, Konstantin returns to Russia and continued his studies in St. Petersburg engaged at St. Petersburg University and also at the St. Petersburg Imperial Theatre School in acting workshop VN Davydov.

In 1908, the debut of Konstantin Zubov on the stage in the role of Alyosha in the play "Children Vanyushina" Naydenova. He worked in the theater in Samara, Kharkov, Kiev, Moscow theater Korsch.

In 1917, for the first time as a director vustupil. From 1921 to 1924 was director of the First Far Eastern Military Revolutionary Theater. From 1925 to 1931 he worked in the Moscow Theater of the Revolution. From 1932 to 1938, artistic director of the Moscow theater Lensoviet. Since 1936 Konstantin became an actor and director of the Maly Theatre, and since 1947 has served as the chief director of the theater.

Creativity Konstantin Zubov distinguished intelligence, bright theatricality, psychological depth. Zubov was a master of dialogue.

Konstantin Zubov worked since 1920 teaching activities, teaching at the Higher Theatre School named after Shchepkin. Among his students Tatiana Pankov, Paul Luspekaev Edward Martsevich.

Recognition and Awards

Stalin Prize of the second degree (1946); for the formulation and execution of the role of Dr. Higgins in the play "Pygmalion," Shaw (1943)

Stalin Prize of the first degree (1947); for staging the play "For those who are in the sea!" BA Lavrenev (with VI Tsygankov)

Stalin Prize (1948)

People`s Artist of the USSR (1949)

Stalin Prize of the first degree (1951); for staging the play "Unforgettable 1919" V. Vishnevsky (with VI Tsygankov)

The order of Lenin

Order of the Red Banner of Labour

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