Konstantin Vais

Picture of Konstantin Vais

Age: 54

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: United States


Konstantin Weiss was born in 1961 in Moscow the professor`s family and grew up on the streets of the Transfiguration, near metro `Sokolniki`. Like all boys, Kostya played hockey and football, and becoming older, was all set needed for `child of good semi` - music lessons and art school, and then to study in a specialized school with advanced study at the Moscow Physics and Mathematics higher technical school. Bauman (University so called until 1989).

Father Constantine, who still remains for his grown up son for a long time already a role model, was a great scholar who worked on security issues in the mining industry. He has written many research papers and books, on which generations of students have learned. Today, the father of Constantine Weiss - Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and academician of the Academy of Mining Sciences, Professor. The mother of Constantine - tozhechelovek science. He recalls how her very young woman, who studied in graduate school and awaiting the birth of twins (the younger brother and sister of Constantine), able to carry out their master`s thesis on the safety of construction works. And despite the fact that the family was large and lived together in a small two-bedroom apartment - twin newborn babies, a five-year Kostya, his parents, grandparents - his mother`s parents and grandparents. With the beginning of perestroika Constantine mother opened a training center and became one of the first in the country, owners of private universities. It`s a small college, evening and correspondence, but it has about a thousand people. Perhaps entrepreneurial streak have a successful art dealer Konstantin Weiss - from the mother.

Konstantin entered the Moscow Mining Institute, where his father taught, graduated, became a geophysicist. As a student he met Svetlana, his future wife, a girl who has chosen for itself is not a female profession. Svetlana grew up in a family whose life was closely associated with art, her uncle - a great artist, a winner of many Russian and foreign awards, and perhaps therefore their student life was spent between physics and art exhibitions. Could Weiss know how it is useful to them in the future? In addition, they were inveterate PCB-person and tourist romantic hikes with tents and playing the guitar around the campfire is not passed, and Constantine.

After graduating from the Mining Institute, and his wife went to work far north, beyond the Arctic Circle - in Vorkuta (Vorkuta). Constantine, a mining engineer, working in the underground mine is 800 meters deep and down in it almost every day. First, he and his wife thought that the conduct in Vorkuta three years, and so it was that lived there for eight years, even a child had to grow up. In Vorkuta Weiss gained valuable experience in managing people and the organization of production processes, which he is very useful in the future.

In 1993, Konstantin and Svetlana was invited to work in the United States (United States). They are, in general, did not think to emigrate, but the joint business was very successful, Weiss decided to stay, considering that in the United States will be freer and more comfortable to live and to themselves, and to the child. With the money they bought a house on Long Island and opened an art gallery, which has existed for 14 years - a very considerable period for the gallery. Gallery `InterArt Gallery` works in a somewhat unusual direction, fantastic realism, which they themselves called the art of imagination, Art of Imagination. Artists, which represent Constantine and Svetlana Weiss, living in various parts of the world. It realized the boldest dream of Constantine, which originated as a student in the USSR (Soviet Union).