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Date of Birth: 09/14/1969

Age: 47

Birthplace: Sverdlovsk

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Konstantin Yushkevich born September 14, 1969 in Sverdlovsk (now - Ekaterinburg) in a family of engineers. As a child, he was terribly restless child. No, he was not a bad boy, and studied without the "threes," but a hassle for teachers and parents to deliver a lot: failures lessons, jokes ... About such it is said: "Pranksters". For all of these "tricks" to Bones in the seventh grade even brought a special blog on the behavior, where after each lesson exhibited mark.

To release the child pairs from parents is still in the third grade, sent him to do in Theater of miniatures at the Palace of Pioneers. The boy is very like it, but that, to seriously learn a profession actor a long time he did not think. His interests lie in a completely different area. After school, Kostya was going to be a war, entered either in Sverdlovsk Tank School, or landing Ryazan. In all sorts of reasons, from a military career he had not developed, and Constantine decided to be a lawyer. He has already started to prepare for the exams, but changed school graduation.

On the final evening together with friends Kostya showed viewers KVN. Speech saw his father one of his friends, a leading actor of the local drama theater. It was he who persuaded Constantine to choose an artist career.

From Ekaterinburg to Moscow

In the local Theatre School Konstantin Yushkevich did the first time. And it took a couple of years in the army. Well, it had to give back to the motherland, serving in the engineering and demining troops. Constantine recalls: "We were working with explosives. Young were on the teachings of fun, remember to complete the program ... I was lucky that remained intact. "

Back in Yekaterinburg, Konstantin Yushkevich graduated from the theater and went to Moscow. As recognized by the actor himself, he was obsessed with studying and wanted to add to their education to some of the Moscow school. As a result, Constantine was enrolled in GITIS

to Mark A. Zakharov directly to the second year. "Here everything was" grown-up ", - says Yushkevich, - we do not seem to teach specific skills, but it was a Wednesday, which we ate. We staged plays Samgin Roman, Victor Shamir ... "With Shamirov their way then another cross ...


In 1996, Konstantin Yushkevich graduated GITIS, and came to work in the "Lenkom". This gave the theater actor for seven years. It was not easy. According to Konstantin Yushkevich, the hierarchy in the repertory theater has always reminds army. I was no exception, "Lenk". At one point, the actor realized that he no longer wants to, and can not be reconciled with a calm, predictable existence, with the usual rehearsals and performances. We had to change something. The yield was found in the person of Victor Shamirov.

Victor Shamir attracted Konstantin Yushkevich in entreprise "Independent Theater Project", where modern plays were staged. Since then, the actor co-operate with him. The audience loved his performances: (Mario) "? They Shoot Horses, Do not you think," "Game of truth" and, of course, the famous statement

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