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Date of Birth: 09/03/1908

Age: 72

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia

Slave laughter

Author: Tatiana Romanova

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episode Konstantin Sorokin Master played in the movie orderlies and sentries ( "The Baltic", "A man with a gun"), the athletes and the clergy ( "Boxers," "first woman"), collective loafers and untrustworthy sellers ( "A member of the government", "Kuban Cossacks "), accountants and circus karuselschikov on underground work (" tiger Girl "," the New adventures of the elusive "). Outside of his profession this comic actor neglected clown mask. I never pretended to be in life "Dushka" shirt-guy and his board. I preferred to be known as a sage and philosopher.

These different, different people ...

Zarkhi and Kheifits Sergei Yutkevich, Vasilyev brothers, Boris Barnet, Alexander Faintsimmer, Ivan Sorokin Pyryev filmed in the classic era of socialist realism paintings. And most of all - in comedies. His characters are firmly etched in the minds of moviegoers grateful. For example, in the movie "Kotovsky" young Sorokin, who played orderly smugly flaunts rollicking forelock: "Yes I Louse? What am I because this will spoil the beauty of a male? "And when the nurse (Marecki) for hygienic reasons snap off a tuft of his hair, the orderly prepared to wipe it off the face of the earth (" Oh, contra! "). He shaved his comrades bare boobs name-calling, but it`s worth the valiant Kotovsky in mock anger to expose his own head, shining like a billiard ball ( "This is me - naked idiot ?!") as Buzoter, struck his blunders, substitutes medichke hair: "Striga under Kotovsky! "

Or in the "Heavenly slug" Konstantin played the role of brash theater administrator. It takes care of Transdanubia languid tenor Ananias Palycha in love with a young singer. And the tenor, in turn, is hunting crowd of fans. By diverting the attention of the administrator, the breastplate regularly donates health: clothed in a coat prime minister and cause the fire itself. Ananias also Pavlovich meanwhile escapes with impunity flirt with passion.

However, Konstantin Sorokin was able to play not only idlers and prohindeev but proprietary scoundrels. Another question - loved it? In the movie "Different destinies," he appeared in the role of head of the personnel department of a large factory. Using his friendship with the director, the ominous totalitarian era juggler manipulates people and defame honest workers, great feeling its power and somehow cozy, home-like drinking in it. (The film is dated landmark 56th year.)

But the delicious plum grandfather of "cook" - with all the comic and "prohindeistosti" - the actor has turned lyrical figure. Boozer, a liar, a walker on derelict Cossack woman, he also seems to be manipulating the villagers, misleading them with their fables and conjectures. But it seems gonoshitsya chudit and loneliness. Because tired of gossip throughout his village and can not calm down: afraid to fold before the impending old age. That provokes a storm in a teacup. (And he placed in her midst.) In the end, when the happy couple all the same combine, a tractor with a bachelor Plum Pchelka remain out of work. Under the lyrical song Vysotsky Sorokin are restless dialogue:

- But, Andrew, I remember, was the case.

- Yes, I know, my grandfather, I know ...

- So the other cases Well!

- And this I know.

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