Konstantin Poset

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Citizenship: Russia


Posiet (Konstantin) - Adjutant General, Admiral, born in 1819. His ancestor, Possuet de Rossiet (in Russian documents Possiet, Passetto, Passiet etc.), At the invitation of Peter the Great came to Russia from France and worked for many years on breeding vineyards near Astrakhan. After graduating from the course in the Sea Cadet Corps, Posiet swam in the seas the White Sea and the Baltic. The work of his "artillery drills" (1847), deals with the right artillery practice of foreign navies, had an impact on increasing the combat power of our military ships that nezamedlilo impact in our battles off the coast of the Caucasus. Another work Pos`eta "Armament navies" (1849;., 2nd ed, 1851) was crowned the Demidov Prize. Appointed commander of a training artillery ship "Prohor" Posiet applied it all up to them to improve. When Admiral Putiatina entrusted with was the conclusion of a trade agreement with Japan, Posiet went with him on the frigate "Pallada" (swimming is described IA Goncharov); later he again went to Japan to exchange treatises. The captain 1 rank, was appointed consist Posiet mentor at Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich and since then has constantly made in the summer sea voyage (1858 to 1865.) In the Baltic Sea and the coast of Russia; from 1866 to 1868. Posiet went, along with his Most August pupil, in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and the v1871 was visited America, Canada, China, Japan, Siberia. This swimming sea completed the formation of the Grand Duke, which, prior to its maturity, Posiet was appointed trustee. From 1874 to 1888. Posiet was Minister of Railways. In that position he organized a special "opisnye Party", whose work served to correct and improve many of our rivers; to facilitate navigation on inland waters designated sailors in the shipping inspection; for the same purposes established hydrometric stations, weather stations and shipping conventions; It made a lot of hydraulic works. When Possiet built 9085 branches of railways, developed and approved by the general statute of Russian Railways, the beginning of the settlement of railway tariffs, expanded channels Ochakovo bar and Kerch-Yenikalsky Strait, arranged new channels: Syasky, Svirsky, Mariinsky, opened Sea Canal in St. Petersburg, produced set of measurements of our harbors and rivers. Since 1888 Posiet was a member of the State Council. He participated in the establishment of the salvation of society into the waters, and constantly followed the development of this case. In his thoughts on our rivers and lakes are arranged winter rescue posts. See. "Celebrating 50 years of service in the officer ranks of Admiral KN P." (St. Petersburg, 1887) and "Our government and public figures" (St. Petersburg, 1891, pp 277 -. 281). He died in 1899