Konstantin Odegov

Picture of Konstantin Odegov

Date of Birth: 07/21/1959

Age: 57

Place of birth: Omsk

Citizenship: Russia


Start the path

Konstantin Odegov born July 21, 1959 in Omsk. In 1986, Konstantin graduated from Tyumen State University, Department of Journalism in the Faculty of Philology.

Prior to his work in film Odegov was a professional hockey player, most of his boxing career spent in the Tyumen hockey club "Rubin". It was possible to him to play and overseas - in the USA hockey clubs. After the completion of sports career Odegov Constantine worked as a reporter, an editor and a sports commentator state broadcasting company information chief editorial "Region-Tyumen".

The director, screenwriter, actor

In the movie Constantine Odegov debuted in 2000. The adventure melodrama "game crash", inspired by the story of Yuri Polyakov "Sky Fallen", he not only starred but also acted as a director, screenwriter and producer. Hero Odegova become a professional hockey player Pavel Sharmanov, who left the sport because of the conflict with the coach, and to achieve success in the oil business. The main female role in the film by the actress Julia Rytikova.

In 2004, Konstantin Odegova turned to the film adaptation of the novel by Yuri Polyakov "Paris Love Bone Gumankova" by putting the same film, which starred again played himself and the company he made Tchouikina Svetlana and Alexander Tereshko.