Konstantin Hudiakov

Picture of Konstantin Hudiakov

Date of Birth: 10/13/1938

Age: 78

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


In Brief

Konstantin Khudyakov was born October 13, 1938 in Moscow, in the family physician. Mom thirty years in charge of the department in the eye hospital. Since childhood Kostya Khudyakov interested in only two things on the ground - a movie, in all its manifestations, and technology. It is equally attracted and there and there. He skillfully combined these two passions.

Since the institute, Khudyakov studied at the acting faculty of VGIK, workshop and Pyzhova Bibikov, he worked as an airbrush. Then came the slides, projectors, video. And then, when there was a computer, he realized that all his life waiting for this tool. Life changed, it flowed in a new direction. Although Khudyakov was well aware that, for example, the computer can not make a formal art - take a brush, brush, will be a thousand times more interesting and more useful. Yet with this development of mankind, he made friends fast and permanently.


Upon graduation he became an actor Konstantin Khudyakov Central Television. His first, a recurring role in the movie took place in the director Villena Azarov in the family comedy "Adult children". The actor immediately proved itself. Creative manner Konstantin Khudyakov distinguished high psychological study of image, freedom and sharpness of plastic figure, subtle humor.

Directed Khudyakov noticed and was invited, however, in small roles, but the actor who played brilliantly. Among the best film works actor role in the psychological drama "Two in the wilderness," the novel by Emmanuel Kazakevich director Anatoly Efros and work with Eugene Andrikanis in his historical and biographical movie film about Alexander Ulyanov "Executions at dawn" It should be noted, and brilliantly played the role of the second plan this tale of youth directors builders brigade Krasnopolye Vladimir and Valeria Kuskova "Taiga novel". But the actor`s activity is not very occupied Konstantin Khudyakov, although the characters created by him, is rich in nature and irresistible charm. Each of his images was a collective generalizing. Actor cared birth of a new type of hero who is used to treat life as a "skorozhralovke". Talent Konstantin Khudyakov, slowly but surely pushed him to directing.

And he practically ceased to act in films. The last role played by the actor in the film, published, albeit in a limited box office, Vladimir Gerasimov in the comedy "The hell with the portfolio" and director Leo Arnshtama in the historical drama "Sophie Perovskaya".


Graduated from the directing course at the Central Television, Konstantin Khudyakov made his debut as a director in the television drama "Actress" based on the stories by Alexei Tolstoy. In the television drama eminent actors of many theaters were occupied by: Lidia Sukharevskaya, Nikolai Volkov, Boris Tenin Gregory Lampe. Then Konstantin Khudyakov successfully delivered a number of dramas: "Bride", "The Sun on the wall," "Pages of Life", "Such a long life is short", "Game".

Konstantin Khudyakov plunged into directing. In the cinema, as a director, he started drama "Ivantsov, Petrov, Sidorov ..." Fate generously endows the protagonists of the film Konstantin Khudyakov, brilliantly played by Michael Gluzsky, Leonid Filatov, Alexander Galibin, Larissa Malevannaya, Elena Kapitsa for modesty and tihost existence and spiritual resistance in the desperate struggle in some extreme moments. The heroes can be seen the spiritual fusion of fun and sad.

After the painting "The success of the" all noticed in Konstantin Khudyakov mature master, virtuoso, highly professional director, who had to speak out, splash out, get to listen to the most important for him. This is an important and tried to reveal Konstantin Khudyakov in the psychological drama "success." This film like the anticipated period of perestroika in the Soviet empire. And what could the director to collect cast: Leonid Filatov and Alisa Freundlich, Alexander Zbruev and Lev Durov, Larisa Udovichenko and Anatoly Romashin Ludmila Saveliev, Alla Meshcheryakov and Vaclav Dvorzhetsky.

Skill director grew from film to film. Directed by Konstantin Khudyakov gave the audience a wonderful gift - made a film about love "Another woman, another man" in "unfashionable" now melodrama genre. In his film, he does not try to answer why marriages are happy and unhappy, just tells a story in which people many years tormented by this question, and then love dictated to them the only correct answer. The main characters in the film are hudyakovskie favorite artists.

Lovely and charming Vera Glagolev. The main quality of this inimitable actress - her dignity, though it is funny, even ridiculous, and very touching. But never, never seen her humiliated, lost face. And Igor Kostolevsky. Before the director was not an easy task - to make the image of the hero Kostolevsky most convincing. Intelligent Igor Kvasha played in the movie "The Other Woman, Other Man" remarkable role the pharmacist, who helps the heroes meet again. Kvasha as it continues the theme of his TV program "Wait for me" ...

The film opening - a chamber drama Konstantin Khudyakov`s "On Upper Maslovka" - turned out to be discordant and clumsy, but in a certain grandeur to it can not be denied. As, however, and all the films of the director.

The role of the main character played by Yevgeny Mironov Petit. More exact hit on that role could not be it. But finding an actress for the lead role was more difficult. And here it is - Alisa Freundlich! The duo of brilliant actors and Freundlich Mironov promised a lot, but for some reason neither the audience nor the critic or something is not understood, or simply underestimated. But what if there was not, the painting "On Upper Maslovka" you have to look with a single purpose - for the extraordinary pleasure incredible benefit performance Alisa Freundlich.


Directed by Konstantin Khudyakov very adheres to the people. He even has a favorite actors. Perhaps the director is and should not be attributed to, but have so Khudyakov. His work, he builds purely on friendly terms. It`s easier, and work in an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding much more comfortable. Khudyakov seeks tsya to ensure that its artists were his co-workers.

And Konstantin Khudyakov throws a small theater, like Bergman, a man of twenty-five. Any play, any picture can be placed or removed from these twenty-five actors, the director assured. He badly wants to have his company, a theater in which everyone would be also his friend and comrade, and a co-author. But what if - a much-much want, then it will come true ...

Author: Tatiana Novitchenskaya

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