Konstantin Golstunskiy

Picture of Konstantin Golstunskiy

Date of Birth: 06/14/1831

Age: 68

Place of birth: Vasilsursk

Citizenship: Russia


Konstantin Fedorovich was born in Golstunsky Vasilsursk family Tatar Mirza. By nationality Tatar. Boy entered the Kazan gymnasium and then at Kazan University, where he studied at public expense.

In 1853 he graduated from the historical-philological faculty of Kazan University. After graduation, was a teacher of the Mongolian language in Kazan gymnasium, poslechego moved to St. Petersburg to work at St. Petersburg University. In 1856 he was sent to the nomadic Astrakhan and Stavropol provinces to get acquainted with the language of the Kalmyks.

Professor of St. Petersburg University (1860). In 1880 he published a work (doctoral thesis "Mongolia-yratskie laws of 1640, additional orders Galdan-hong-Taiji and laws created for the Volga Kalmyks at the Kalmyk Khan Donduk-Dashi") containing the full Oirat text and translation of this monument in the history of the Mongols in accompanied by comments, numbering about 160 articles. Golstunskomu belongs to a large Mongolian-Russian dictionary, which takes into account the Kalmyk Buddhist vocabulary and terminology developed, as well as the fundamental "Russian-Kalmyk Lexicon". On behalf of the Synod translated into Mongolian number of liturgical books.

Married to Natalya Petrovna Pavlova (noblewoman), had 6 people children.

I have been to Roerich family; his stories about travel and about the customs and manners of the eastern nations had an impact on the young Roerich.

He died in 1899; together with his wife buried in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg.