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Date of Birth: 09/15/1884

Age: 57

Place of birth: Romney

Citizenship: Russia


Scenic activity began in 1905 as an actor Theater. Komissarzhevskaya. I play the first mystic in "The Puppet Show" by Alexander Blok with Piero - Meyerhold (1906). He left the theater after Meyerhold (1907), toured as part of his company on the south-west of Russia: in the drama K.Gamsuna "in the king`s gate" played Chuchelnika with Ivar Carreno - Meyerhold (1908). In the St. Petersburg theater-cabaret Meyerhold "Curved seashore" made his debut as a playwright parody "Black and white or Negro tragedy", supposedly with a set of English words (1908); in the 1910-11 biennium. I put and play it in the "House of Interludes" Meyerhold. He has performed in summer theater and Kuokkala Terijoki; cabaret "Stray Dog" (1912-15) and "Halt comedians" (1916-19); in the group of masters of Meyerhold Studio at Borodino (1913). Also was an actor Merry Theatre for older children "and N.Evreinova F.Komissarzhevskogo (1909);" Neva farce "V.Lin (1911); Trinity Theatre A.Fokina thumbnails (1911-13)," distorting mirror "A. Kugel and N.Evreinova (1913). of the season 1913/14 years performed their repertoire reader-eccentric entertainer N.Balieva and replaced on the proscenium, "Die Fledermaus" (Moscow).

In 1919 he played in Petrograd "Hermitage Theatre" (head V. Meyerhold), the title role in the play Muzhik Tolstoy "The first distiller" (directed by Yuri Annenkov); at the same time acted in the theater "Studio" and Konstantin Gibshman in the film "Peter the Great" written puppet urban display for him, "Circus." After conversion, the "Studio" in the Maly Drama Theatre (1919) he played, among other roles, Trumfa in komediiI.Krylova "Trumf" (director S.Radlov), completing the course of action a series of somersaults. In the 1920-22 biennium. - Actor of theater "People`s comedy" party circus comedy-improvisation theater Radlov head; Lower played a tenant in the "hunky Slovot

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