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While I do not believe that will be champions of the world

I miss the matches with the clubs of the Premier League

You became famous after resigned from the post of "Chelyabinsk" head coach immediately after his victory in the Cup of Russia on the "Wings of the Soviets." You added this popularity?

- I know nothing about popularity. I just have tired position Chelyabinsk club. Incidentally, so far nothing has changed.

In financial terms?

- Yes. We have repeatedly been on the verge of withdrawing from the championship. And when I was invited to Orenburg under the task to reach the First Division, I agreed. Where you can grow creatively.

But you love to work with young players, not spoiled by money. In "Chelyabinsk" and only those playing.

- Yes, I spent two and a half seasons spent in Chelyabinsk in this situation and was already full. We are in that time is not spent on transfers a single penny, and the team played. They are either local guys or free ones who knew. And even while the team played very well.


- There`s, you know, what the situation was? We are the first two home games held in Tyumen, Chelyabinsk since the leadership wanted to remove the club from the competition. But thanks to the intervention of the PFL leadership managed to stay. Yes it`s not the salary delay, though in this little something good. I`m not the only one in the team, I have a headquarters, which includes humans. They have families to feed, and the situation is very uncertain. Incidentally, we could withdraw before the game and the Cup of Russia with "Wings of the Soviets."

This year, you missed the chance to go to the Premier League club. Your team without losing a single match in the tournament, lost in the Cup "miners" from Uchaly.

- "Miner" was very motivated, and we with them played the second game in a row after the championship. We have the same lack of players. In the Cup we said 15 people - are actually three replacement. There is, of course, also intervened judicial factor, but we did not write a protest. For example, in the middle of the match, the opponent has to be deleted, a penalty they had put, and not to show our football player booked him for diving. But it happens then.

Do you miss the matches with the clubs of the Premier League?

- I would like to play, of course. I remember this full stadium in Chelyabinsk, an extraordinary drive.

You here are told that in "Chelyabinsk" all traveled by bus.

- But in some cities other than the bus Urals did not get there. In Uchaly, for example. More precisely, it is possible to the plane through Magnitogorsk, but it`s too long. We and Orenburg, despite stable funding, bus use. But, of course, more likely to fly or train ride.

And here you are, say, home to Nizhny Novgorod by car get?

- Yes, we were there two days - it was necessary to go on urgent business. No, of course, it is on the train, but it`s a long time. And for 10-12 hours to reach.


- 100-120, not more. All within the normal range. But I`m driving for more than 30 years, so that a skilled driver. Cases made and returned to Orenburg.

Urals - a very strong

Coaches `East` felt that their area - the strongest in Russia, and the rest up to them away. What will the leader of the club "Ural-Volga region"?

- I think that we have football stronger. In all areas there are two or three teams, which are between the dispute for the first place, but we have a more even composition of the participants. The same "Chemist" from Dzerzhinsk can beat anyone. Ufa is the same. In addition, at the training camp, I saw competitors from other regions. The level is still just a little lower.

On the "East" do not think so?

- Well I do not know. I, by the way, even in the winter said that will be a leader of Irkutsk club. I thought he really liked, fast club. And look who is playing in the first league! "Ural", "Kamaz", "Mordovia". And there they are in good standing. "Sodovik" was still, however, is now the club disappeared altogether.

During the season you spend a total of 26 matches. Plus one to four games for the Cup - as lucky. Is it too little for the second league?

- Very little, I agree. Maybe worth it to go for the season with three circles. For "East" like that made, and we are not going to PFL meeting. We have to train. This is all well and good, but the official did not replace training matches.

And what would you change?

- Maybe we should go to the three circles? And, perhaps, to take the Scottish system in which the first six teams play each other back in two laps. However, if you go to trehkrugovuyu system, you get 39 matches. there will be no time for training. But in the first division at all 42 matches are held - anything. Two paired match, then a pause of a week - normally. You can adjust the training process. But the fact is that the number of matches should be increased. For fans will be as good.

You have a field in the Urals cope with the load, if you increase the timing of the tournament?

- Because most teams have already performed on synthetics. In addition, recently advocated 20 teams in our zone and artificial turf was less. And nothing happened - played.

mattress and Bezrodnyi

At the guest "Gazovik" fans put blame you what you do not like to work with veterans.

- It is not true.

But it is considered.

- But even now in my "gas industry" a lot of guys who are closer to 30 years. Although something to hide - of course, I prefer to work with young children. While here in "Chelyabinsk" I played the best football age Russia - Yuri Evlampiev, he was born in 1966. And nothing. It was no worse than the young, the most enduring in the team. But I did not look him in the passport. However, I believe that in the second division should play a more youth.

Probably, it all went out the fact that you have refused the services of one of the clogging of the second league players Michael Tyufyakova and have left the team Artem Bezrodnoff. What happened?

- Let`s start by Tyufyakovu. The team in general I invited him and was the first among its competitors. But Michael was not able to overcome their age, because I have a very high load. In he broke down and went away during one of the workouts. I could not keep a player who does not carry out the job, while others do it.

He`s left himself?

- Yes.

What kind of job is performed?

- I`d rather not talk about it, but it is customary practice for the preparatory period, is described in various textbooks. But, of course, a very difficult exercise.

No, no, you really tell. For the edification of all.

- Yes, it`s simply running uphill. Such an exercise - psychological test. Checks whether a person will be able to overcome itself. Here`s a game made up hard, hot ... But will he be able to overcome these problems? But such exercises do only one or two times in the offseason.

But that did not happen with Artem Bezrodny?

- We want him to leave, he was with us for a few fees. I had no claim to it with respect, but not for a long time to play football, he lost a lot of quality. I explained to him that it is required in the field, but there was a man in the head, this game Spartacus, and he himself could not rebuild at the moment. He spoke at left midfield position, but in attack Artem absolutely nothing happened. Still, I wanted to leave him, but we did not agree on the terms of the contract.

He demanded that a lot of money ?! After the Azerbaijani championship?

- A little bit wrong. Basically, he asked at the level of the leaders of our team, but we decided that it would be wrong to pay such sum. Still, he was not a football player of the basic structure. We were willing to pay less, but he would not. But no matter how I looked into the eyes of the children? Some would receive less of it, but always played.

Where is he now?

- Went to the Ukraine acts in the championship some area. I asked recently to send work book - sent. He then charges came up to me and says, "I want to go." "Well, - I answered. - Take a look yourself. I have worked with you. "

Often you at the training camp players cry from stress or, sorry, tears?

- No, you. Infrequently. I do a high pulse of the little work, the banks of the players. But only in the late charges I spend such tests. By the way, here comes to mind as I worked with Robert Yevdokimov, a former player of "Spartacus." Remember?


- He is now the head coach of "KAMAZ". We were working in Almetyevsk and, of course, was sick on the hill. I remember to this day.

And you?

- So, to play in modern football, you need to run, to move. This I explained to him, and then repeated today.

Not passed "hill" it was impossible to stay in the team?

- Evdokimov somehow stayed in the team. But in general - this is a test. But will have to play in pressure. And I have one of the 11 players are not ready for it. So, I was not prepared for the game?

So you still say that Bezrodnoff head Spartak football. "Stenochku" on the site?

- Yes. Who is who in the Spartak football played? "Barcelona" only. On the same place all at high speeds is done. Who plays on the left in Spain? Iniesta. But it carries a huge amount of work. Pushing forward, beats, it beats. Artyom was nothing like that. Not a single supply, no lumbago, no shots on goal or closures. He vsevremya somewhere in the middle, on the clean balls. This veteran football. Now on the need to engage in combat, to fight. Although Artem was very cool. He would have helped us, but not as a player of the basic structure.

The youth is very slow

How many players in the area of ??"Ural-Volga region", which could join the club in the Premier League?

- Very little. It may be one or three. School ... Now I have a team playing two players who have been champions of Europe with coach Igor Kolyvanov - Amir Kashiev and Eugene Korotaev. And here they are today are not pulled even on the main part of the club`s second league. So with the other guys. Where, for example, Ryzhov, played for CSKA? Nowhere. Gorbatenko in the "Ural" virtually no role. And it was considered the most promising youngsters in the country. And their peers is even worse. That`s the whole problem.

Do you have promising players?

- Marat Shogenov. I think he could play some Premier League clubs. Individually strong football player, but he needs to strengthen teamwork. I talk to him, I explain. If you listen to - will play at a decent level. Nalchik`s already interested in them. But he is a very expensive player.

In the second league should not be expensive players.

- He has a contract with our club and we can ask for any amount for it. And the prices are now ... From Togliatti player sold nearly 500 thousand dollars, and our Shogenov stronger. Yusupova "Dynamo" bought for 300 thousand dollars, but the player in the "Khimki" stands today.

You say that only three people can go to the Premier League, but Sergey Timofeev of the "Sakhalin" argues that 7-8 people with "East" can strengthen elite teams.

- I think that Sergey bit disingenuous. I`m at the training camp followed closely the "East". I do not know who can tune out there in the big leagues. Here are their top scorer zone - Maxim Bondarenko.


- So I had to "Gazovik" is not taken. He was watching, but did not come. They say that in Krasnoyarsk first league going. We beat them in the South 3: 0 and I do not understand how they are going to solve the problem. No one would be a football player to his team did not take.

In 2018 the Russian national team is going to be a world champion. Do you believe it?

- Today - no. And who will win the tournament? Where are the young guys? I think, for example, Alan Dzagoev is not a player of the team that will be world champion. It`s slow. We here in Russia should take the other contenders. The weather conditions did not allow us to be as skillfully as the Brazilians. But due to functional training, due to the tactical proficiency, we can become the best. You just need a lot of work on these strengths. But the conditions are certainly not the best. Here in our country few arenas and snow football is unlikely to have much to learn. And, of course, the tactics. I do a lot with the guys tactics. Here we must note that from the last year of "Gazovik" there are only three people and have a lot to explain. But if there is an understanding of the game, it will be a success.