Konrad Iv Hohenstaufen

Picture of Konrad Iv Hohenstaufen

Date of Birth: 04/25/1228

Age: 26

Place of birth: Andria

Citizenship: Italy


Conrad was the only son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II of Hohenstaufen and his second wife, Jolanta (Isabella) Jerusalem, who died at his birth; Conrad had inherited from her right to the throne Ierusalima.Posle deposition older brother Henry was elected and crowned King of Rome (1237); Germany ruled in the absence of his father. Since 1240 Konrad began to actively intervene in the imperial policy and campaigning princes in podderzhke his father. When Innocent IV, at the Council of Lyons in 1246, declared Frederick deposed, Conrad struggled with the Thuringian Landgrave Henry Raspe, whose supporters have proclaimed imperatorom.Genrih defeated Conrad IV in 1246 near Frankfurt, but fell ill during the siege of Ulm and died February 16, 1247. Then Conrad IV had to fight with the chosen in his place William the Dutch, who, after the death of Frederick II, defeated Conrad IV at the Battle of Oppenheim in 1251 godu.Ch At the beginning of 1252 Conrad IV was in Italy, conquered Capua, took and severely punished Naples ( 1253), and established himself in the south of the peninsula. Pope Innocent IV raised otherwise formal accusation of heresy and excommunicated him from tserkvi.V preparing to march to Upper Italy Conrad IV died from malaria in a military camp near Lavello goda.Serdtse May 21, 1254 and was buried in the interior of Melfi. Conrad`s body was taken to the Cathedral of Messina, but lightning struck the cathedral, and installed for the farewell of the King`s body burned even before zahoroneniem.1 September 1246 Conrad IV married his third cousin - Elizabeth of Wittelsbach (1227 - October 9, 1273). She was the daughter of Count Palatine and Duke of Bavaria OttonaII illustrious (7 April 1206 - 29 November 1253) and Agnes (1201 - 1267) - great-aunt of Emperor Frederick II.Pozzhe Elizabeth was married to Meinhard II (1238 - 1 December 1295), Count of Gorica ( 1257 - 1271), Count of Tyrol (from 1257), Duke of Carinthia and Krajina (c 1286) .From this marriage was born the only child - son, went down in history under the name of Conradin (March 25, 1252 - October 29, 1268), the king of Jerusalem (as Conrad III) (1254 - 1268), king of Sicily (as Conrad II) (1254 - 1258), Duke of Swabia (as Conrad IV) (1254 - 1268).