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If I were a Mormon, I`d had three wives!

Cody Brown (Kody Brown) in America today - a figure known. Reality show `Sister Wives` with the participation of Cody, his four wives and seventeen children is very popular. Yes, no one here misheard - Cody Brown has four wives and seventeen children, which his pious gave birth to him. It sounds somewhat unrealistic, because polygamy in the United States officially banned, but, as it turned out, `if you can not but feel like ...`

So, together with his harem of four women and numerous offspring Cody lives in Utah, but not so long ago, they all had to move to the time in Las Vegas, as the home state authorities began very sensitive to press a happy family.

When the District Attorney threatened to Cody on the court, he did not wait, and filed his claim himself. Despite the fact that the proceedings have not yet fully completed, many predict a favorable outcome for Brown, but because in a very short time in Utah can be officially allowed polygamy. Anyway, the first fight, he has already won, having received official permission to reside with all of its four women.

Cody Brown belongs to one of the orthodox branches of Mormonism, in which the practice of polygamy - one of the main strongholds, though many Mormons have long abandoned this.

Four wives Cody - Mary Dzhenell, Robin and Christine - behind her husband`s mountain and fully share its model family. They argue that it is absolutely happy in its union of five and sincerely believe the invasion of their world government unacceptable. They have chosen this life, none of it is not forced, but because they do not need any protection.

So, despite the fact that the official wife Cody by law can be regarded as only one of Mary, after the court decision he is allowed to live with the rest of both civilian women, and for the first time this has happened for a hundred years past.

The news that Cody Brown managed to turn the system and win instantly spread throughout the country and the world. One can only assume, to start in the same Utah mass cases of polygamy, because the precedent has already been created. However, illegally, and everyone knows about it, so in that state lives a huge number of polygamous families.

In a television interview, Brown said literally: `Thousands of people live in polygamous families in Utah. Now we are free! `

So, for the first hundred years of the last polygamous family in the United States received an official approval of the authorities. Hero of the Day - Cody Brown, who is willing to fight for their right to have as many wives as he wants. `I will fight for it to be free chelovekom`, - he said at the end of his interview on the ABC News channel.

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