Klemens Alexandr Winkler

Picture of Klemens Alexandr Winkler

Date of Birth: 12/26/1838

Age: 65

Place of birth: Freiberg

Citizenship: Germany


Clemens Alexander Winkler (Winkler) was born December 26, 1838 in Freiberg, died on October 8, 1904 in Dresden.

From 1859 he worked in chemical plants, from 1873 to 1902 professor at the Mining Academy in Freyberge.V 1886 argirodita exploring the mineral, found in it a new element, which he called germanium. The properties of germanium with amazing accuracy in line with the properties ekasilitsiya predicted in 1871 by Mendeleev on the basis of the periodic law.

The opening of the new Germany was a brilliant confirmation of the periodic law, one of the strengthener which Mendeleev called Winkler.

Winkler 1875 developed an industrial process for producing sulfur dioxide by reaction of sulfur dioxide and oxygen under heating in the presence of platinized asbestos, which initiated the contact sulfuric acid plant.