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Date of Birth: 11/27/1927

Age: 86

Citizenship: Russia


Honored Artist of Russia

To Moscow. The actress!

In Moscow, Claudia Khabarova came from far Magnitogorsk. Dreaming of becoming "an actress", she came to the selection committee of VGIK, when it was the second round. She admitted to the exam, and there she just struck all its immediacy and sincerity. Crucial was the examination tasks in which she, together with other applicants (future star of Russian cinema Vyacheslav Tinonovym) it was necessary to portray fellow travelers on the train. The heroine Khabarova had, in that no matter what, she did it brilliantly force Tikhonov off coupe. Playing scattered girl, she always something dropped her on the head of a fellow traveler (hat, book, bag), until she fell. The examiners were ecstatic.

Film Institute. The debut in the movie

VGIK CLAUDIA Khabarova friends with Ekaterina Savinova, which was later learned the whole country thanks to the film "Come back tomorrow." Both girls arrived in Moscow from the provinces, and were similar in appearance and character, so the institute called them twins.

Claudia studied with pleasure and true zeal. In addition, she is the best dancer on the course. It was useful to her on the set of her first film - "Kuban Cossacks". The young actress was entrusted to a small role girlfriend of the main character Dasha Shelest (it played Clara Lucko). Although the names of Khabarova was not even in the credits of the episode, where she, along with Clara Lucko and Ekaterina Savinova performs the song "Oh, viburnum blossoms" remember the millions of spectators and subsequently often repeated on television.


Shortly after filming the "Kuban Cossacks" actress felt excruciating pain in the joints - hands and feet. At the hospital where she was diagnosed with arthritis, Claudia Khabarova had to spend a few months. The girl was treated with quinine (from which it has weakened the ear), and then penicillin (from which developed an allergy). In addition to all at Claudia discovered a heart defect.

With all of this "bunch" of disease could forget about the acting profession, but the courageous woman did not give up and in 1950 she graduated from the VGIK. Later, working in film and theater actor, it always had to fight their illnesses. One can only wonder her resistance.

Film and Theatre

Claudia Khabarova diploma work was the role in the play "Where there was no blackouts" put Boris Bibikov. With this performance aspiring actress along with other graduates came to VGIK tolkochto opened theater actor. For seven years, posing a great success with the audience.

In parallel with the work in the theater actor Claudia Khabarova starred in many movies. On the screen, she played, as a rule, the role of the second plan. With a surprisingly organic and extraordinary magnetism, she created mainly images of the "Women of the people", energetic, provocative hohotushek. Among them: athlete-runner Claudia in the film "World Champion" Klanka Zvyagina in the crime drama "cruelty" Frosya in the melodrama "Bread and Roses", Sofia in the melodrama "Evdokia".

Over time, the actress has successfully moved to the role of age. The war drama "Here`s your edge," she played the director Maria Nikolaevna plant, in the series "Shadows at Noon" - Maria Dmitrievna, in the series "Eternal Call" - Makarovna, in the drama "Three on the highway" - barmaid in a roadside cafe Klava, in the film "The invisible Man" - aunt Beth, as in the famous film by Svetlana Druzhininoj "Naval Cadets, forward!" - nun.


His future husband, actor Paul Shpringfelda Claudia Khabarova first seen on the silver screen. As a schoolgirl, she was in 1943, together with the class watched film "Heart of four", where he played the role of Gleb Zavartseva. All her friends were crazy about handsome Yevgeny Samoilov, and only liked Claudia Shpringfeld. "It is funny, kind and pure", - said the girl then. And years later, they met in the walls of the theater actor ...

It was a great couple. The couple loved each other. But their happiness was short-lived. In 1971, Pavel died of heart failure, leaving Claudia a daughter twelve years.

90th - 2000s

In the 90 years since the collapse of the Soviet cinema Claudia Ivanovna stopped filming. Close, and theater actor. But the actress did not put her hands. In the early 90s she created a club with creative women "Muscovite" with other enthusiastic people. Under this project, the actress performed at poetry readings in libraries, nursing homes, hospitals. In total it has given more than 1,000 free concerts.

In the early 2000s, Claudia Ivanovna at the invitation of director Alexander Kravtsov took part in the theater`s "World of Art", "The game is not public", where she played his coeval - the former janitor, became the soul of the theater group.

In 2005, Claudia Ivanovna met with composer Alexei Karelin - so was born the project "New Folk Songs Alexei Karelin" performed this wonderful actress.

Author: Igor BIN

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