Klaus Wowereit

Picture of Klaus Wowereit

Date of Birth: 01/10/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Berlin

Citizenship: Germany


The experienced 53-year-old politician, who was born in West Berlin, was elected mayor of the ruling of the German capital for a second term.

Growing up in a family without a father, Klaus, the youngest of five children, was the only one who received higher education, learn to be a lawyer. From childhood he was drawn into politics. Already in 16 years, fascinated by "the east course" of the then Chancellor Willy Brandt, Wowereit, whose name, he says, suggests the Slavic roots, joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

At one time he wanted to be a judge, but the pursuit of "political change something" overpowered. At first he worked in West Berlin Senate, then in the District City Council. In 1995 he became a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the city, and four years later - the chairman of the parliamentary faction of the SPD. Long time Wowereit was unknown outside Berlin. The situation changed immediately after its public recognition of sexual orientation. Less well-known is much more important details of the biography Wowereit. So, thanks to the active position of mayor in the list of honorary citizens of Berlin was restored stricken from him after the unification of Germany, the first commandant of the post-war Soviet general Nikolai Berzarin. The motto of Klaus Wowereit: "With courage for Berlin - we can do it."