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Date of Birth: 07/01/1925

Age: 79

Place of birth: Chutovo

Citizenship: Russia

`Lucky - Turgenev geroinya`

Commander of the Order "Badge of Honor" (1950)

Winner of the Stalin Prize (1951, for his role in Dashi Rustle "Kuban Cossacks" film)

The holder of a diploma "Person of the Year" (1965)

Winner of the title "Woman of the World" (1996, USA)

Winner of the title "Woman of the Millennium" (2000, UK)


Clara Lucko was born July 1, 1925 in the Ukrainian village Chutov. Father Clara Lucko, Stepan, gentle man and intelligent by nature, served as director of the state farm village Yakovets at Poltava. Mom, Lucko Anna, hardworking, intelligent, strong-willed woman, presided on the farm of another district. Clara (named after the famous revolutionary Clara Zetkin) brought an illiterate woman in Kiel, her aunt.

Soon Stepan entered the Pedagogical Institute, and Lucko family moved to Poltava. Clara grew up shy and withdrawn girl. In addition, due to the high growth figures and awkward at school teased her "giraffe". And she, like every girl, so wanted to like the boys!

In 6th grade Clara fell in love with the handsome ninth-. In order to get his attention, she even jumped with a parachute from the tower, but the guy is not impressed. "But thanks to this act, I experienced great pleasure from the flight," - confessed Clara Stepanovna.

In 1941, Clara Lucko finished seventh grade, and less than a month later came the Great Patriotic War. Lucko A family was evacuated to Kazakhstan. There, in the town of Jambul Clara finished the ten-year. It was necessary to determine the profession ...

Clara childhood was madly in love with cinema. At school, she worked in the theater circle and dreamed of becoming an actress in the future, such as her idol Tamara Makarova. From the newspaper Clara learned that Sergei Gerasimov Appolinarievich gathering in Almaty acting class. Clara`s parents were strongly against such a choice of profession. They wanted to become a doctor or a daughter of a lawyer. But quiet and obedient Clara, suddenly said with a hardness that is sure to be an actress, and his parents had to put up ...

Film Institute

Despite the big competition, Clara successfully passed the exams and was admitted to VGIK, the workshop V. Bibikov and Olga Pyzhova. Soon VGIK allowed to return to Moscow, and there is Clara continued teaching in the course of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova. Yes, yes, the same Makarova, before which Clara Lucko always admired!

For a long time Lucko Clara could not really open. She was not among the number is not "gifted" or among "talented". But teachers believed students. Tamara Fedorovna once compared Clara Lucko with petunias. Clara Stepanovna recalled: "Next to the bed was VGIK, and I asked to see me this unknown petunia. And I see - stunted, withered, miserable pale lilac grammofonchik that breaks out of the cracked earth. I realized that my teacher was talking about my character ... "

Clara Lucko, as an actress, in the years of study began to attract sophisticated, psychological characters, which needed a bright, saturated colors. And then she had a chance to play a lot of just such a role. However, she received a diploma with this recommendation: "Lucky - Turgenev`s heroine, she fit the classic lyric roles ..."

The debut in the movie

However, the role of Clara diploma Lucko was quite far removed from Turgenev`s heroines. In 1948, in the film by Sergei Gerasimov`s "Young Guard", she played Aunt Marina. Claiming his pupil for this role, Gerasimov said to her, "Since you are a Ukrainian, I completely trust you - polopochi in the film on his."

As recognized Clara Lucko, it was "her dear", and why it is so easily entered into the image. Her affectionate, gentle Mary - in the Ukrainian embroidered shirt has become a sort of personification of Ukraine itself. It is no coincidence that this work aspiring actress received an excellent rating.

Following its first picture of Clara Lucko he starred in "Three Meetings" and "Homeland captain." Films were unsuccessful frankly, very disappointed that the young actress. She even thought about leaving the movie, but then she turned up a lucky break ...

auditioned for the role of Dasha Shelest

After graduating from VGIK Clara Lucko was invited to work in the theater actor. While theater actor was very popular in Moscow, and this is no accident. Performances on the stage set known directors and played them many stars of Russian cinema, when they were free from filming.

Once in the theater there was an announcement that Ivan Pyryev will read the new script - the musical comedy "Fun Fair". Lucko Clara, together with other actors came to the reading of where her and noticed the director. Soon, she was invited to fotoproby.

The studio Clara came with great reluctance. She was sure that her co-star will not be offered, and to act in the crowd she categorically did not. About what happened next, says the actress:

"When I came, and costumes have all dismantled. Makeup artist said that two braids should be, and she was only one.

- Well, what`s the difference - I say. - I Tie a handkerchief on top, and will not be seen, I have spit or not.

Suddenly the dressing room includes Arto assistant director and says:

- Lucky - ... Come to Pyreva.

I was led to Pyreva. He looked at me and turned to the Arto:

- It is necessary to ordenochki her some wear. - And then to me: - Come take off your scarf ...

I`m filming.

- What it is? Why do you have a scythe? What kind of negligence?

- Ivan, - timidly I say - no one is to blame. Other braids in the make-up was not. Well what a difference ... I tied a scarf ...

- No no. You have two braids ...

Arto got a scolding. Makeup artist too.

- Because of you we got - they said resentfully.

But I have something to do with it ...

Arto took me to fototseh. Photographer commands:

- Look to the right, head to the left, turn around here ...

And here I am sitting in this position - the neck curve, with somewhere establishments eyes, but this time the door opens and rapidly enters Pyryev.

- Why are you sitting so?

He grabbed my head, turned sharply. And the photographer:

- You like that it is removed. I just need to be removed. Just ... I Understood?

I think, my God, it is really the same as talking about it. If suddenly I approve, then, I`ll shoot him? No I can not. I`m screaming and rude attitude never suffered. "

After some time Pyryev invited her to audition for the role of a young collective farmers Dasha Shelest. Filmed she paired with Vladlen Davydov. Samples were successful, and Lucko was cast. This message said the young actress famous film director Alexander Dovzhenko, adding: "I congratulate and wish success. You will be a lot of success and in the movies. " He was right.

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