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The history of hard rock team was laid in 1978, when Donnie Purnell (bass) , Ronnie Yankins (guitar) and Brian Forsyth (guitar) began to compose his own material under the guise of "The shooze". For six months the group was replaced by three vocalists, until finally ,Acting frontman has claimed drummer Steve Whiteman. The team slowly began to give concerts, and soon recorded a demo, which was distributed to different labels.

When record companies began to show interest in him, the band`s name was changed to "The generators", and when the musicians have already signed a contract with "Atlantic records",sign finally changed to "Kix". In August 1981 he was released self-titled debut album, followed by two singles, "The itch" and "Atomic bombs".

The team then toured mainly in the US Mid-Atlantic coast. At the sessions of the second album instead Yankinsa the team came Brad Divens ,but already during the tour in support of "Cool kids" Ronnie I was back in the ranks. The most successful attempt was made to a group in 1985, when he left "Midnite dynamite", and "Kix" talking across America.

Kix Now, the team could go on tour with such popular artists as "Cheap trick", "ZZ Top", Ted Nugent, "Aerosmith", "Judas priest", "Triumph". While "Kix" were engaged in concert activity, they showed interest in producer Tom Verman, who previously worked with "Motleycrue", "Krokus", "Twisted sister", "Ratt". He came into contact with musicians, and already the next album the band recorded under the supervision of Woermann. "Blow my fuse" was released in September 1988 and was followed by several clips.The first of them, "Cold blood", was in heavy rotation on MTV, but still received the fourth most popular video, "Don`t close your eyes". This powerful ballad about teenage suicide has also published a single and reached the eleventh place in the charts "Billboard".

In the wake of the success of the fourth album "Kix" held their biggest tourfor the first time after reaching Japan and England. However, by 1990 these styles began to dominate the music scene as a speed metal and thrash metal and melodic rock has not attracted much attention. In connection with this "Atlantic" lowered "Kix" in positions by moving them to the subsidiary company "East / West records".

Kix In 1991 came the fifth album " Kicks "but against the background of climbing "Nirvana" at him no one even noticed. After the first half of the "Hot wire tour" Brian left the band, and the rest of the tour, "Kix" to finish the game Jimmy Bones. This guitarist was invited to join the team on a permanent basis, but Jimi refused and after the tour returned to his native New York. In June, 1993-th band released a live album "Kix live", is essentially only the performance of contractual obligations to the label. In 1994, the team signed a contract with "CMC International records" and the following year released their sixth album there. By the way, the sessions Bryan again came back to the group ,but to participate in the following upcoming flatly refused.

"Show business" was the only album "Kix", made just the way like the musicians, and the accompanying tour was a success. Despite this, in early 1996 it was officially announced the dissolution of the group. Reunion "Kix" took place seven years later, the place of bassguitarist Marc Schenker took from "Funny money".

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