Kirsty Bonnick

Picture of Kirsty Bonnick

Age: 77

Place of birth: Newbury

Citizenship: United Kingdom

In pursuit of harmony

A graduate of the university, 22-year-old Kirsty Bonnick, set a goal to lose weight so that between the thighs was noticeable gap. The girl developed anorexia athletic, ie it is excessively involved in sports and controlled diet, and as a result lost weight up to 38 kilograms.

In pursuit of harmony Kirsty began to consume 500 calories per day and perform the exercise for three hours. During the year, her weight dropped from 68 kg to 38 kg. She was diagnosed with `athletic anoreksiya`.

As soon as the increased gap between the hips intensified girls desire to continue to work to achieve even better results. She always looked at the photos of other girls in Instagram, including Millie Mackintosh (Millie Mackintosh), star reality show `Made in Chelsea`.

Miss Bonnick from Newbury, Berkshire, England (Newbury, Berkshire, England) does not hide - it could sit for hours in the Instagram, looking at the tiny girls with flat stomachs and plenty of space between her thighs. Kirsty started to hate her full, she thought, her feet. She wanted to look like a girl with a photo. She decided that in whatever was to succeed.

As a child, Kirsty liked physical education classes, but a student, she did not wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. In 2013, the second year of training, she began to complex because of its size. Looking at your photos, the girl felt that she looks awesome. She stood on the scales, and the result of its unpleasantly surprised: so much she had never weighed - 68 kg!

The student has become the gym more often. Previously she been there 2 times a week, now I began to go to school every day. It was then discovered Kirsty pictures of girls with slim hips on the Internet.

In March 2014 Miss Bonnick lost weight to 57 kg, and began to wear a size 8, whereas before - 12 th. Relatives and friends are not tired of repeating how good it looks. The girl would have to stop, but no ... She still did not have the desired spacing between the thighs.

Kirsty changed strength training more efficient cardio and cut back on the size of food portions. She began to fear there, it seemed to her that, immediately pick up dumped kgs once return to a normal diet. Miss Bonnick began to eat less than 500 calories a day, the girl had to evade the questions of friends about her diet. Her boyfriend Liam Denison (Liam Denison) asked about whether she had any problems. Kirsty insisted that everything is in order.

She actually went hungry. She took pictures of themselves and their femur, and then places the photos on the Internet, in order to compare with the other girls. As weight loss Kirstie began to notice other changes in the body. She is now sleeping for three hours at night, because the protruding bone prevented her get comfortable in bed. Her attention was distracted, and at lectures she could not concentrate. This was reflected in the results of the study - it began to put a bad evaluation.

In September 2014, she weighed already 38 kg, which is a health hazard. Mum Kirsty, 49-year-old Karen (Karen), took her daughter to the hospital, because she was afraid that she had diabetes. But doctors diagnosed athletic anorexia. Mom was crying, blaming yourself. The hospital warned: if she does not gain weight, it will have to be hospitalized. Anorexia is dangerous because it can lead to endocrine and metabolic disturbances, sometimes irreversible.

Kirsty did not realize that it there are some problems, but was shocked by the reaction of the mother, in addition, she did not want to go to the hospital. So Miss Bonnick determined to get better. Under the guidance of parents Kirsty beginning to consume the standard 2500 kcal per day. For a month she gained 5.5 kg, but that her struggle for health is not complete.

The first time she felt ill, the whole body ached. Moving from 500 kcal to 2500 kcal - a real shock to the body. But Miss Bonnick understand that if you stop, it will have to go through that pain again.

By April 2015 Kirsty was able to gain weight to 57 kg, body mass index was the make 21, which is the norm. Now she realizes that set itself unrealistic goals, and fell in love with your body for what it is.