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Date of Birth: 03/25/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Solenov Cyril was born and raised in Moscow. In 2002, a young man graduated from high school theater at the WTU Shchepkin. Until 2003, he played in the theater "Chamber Stage" led by MG Schepenko.

In 2007, Cyril Solenov graduated from RATI (GITIS), the rate of Mark Zakharov. As a student, participated in productions directed by Vyacheslav Tyschuk "Month in the Country" (Rakitin), "Brigadier," directed by Peter Hovhannes (Rosemary). Since 2007, engaged in performances Drama Theatre. KS Stanislavsky`s "Master and Margarita" (Cat-Behemoth, Barefoot, Jude) and "Romeo and Juliet" (uncle Capulet), playing in the independent theater "World of Art" in the play by Alexander Kravtsov, "The light is not spared, and God did not save "(Lermontov).


In the movie, Cyril Solenov removed since 2002. Among his most famous roles - Nick in the youth series "Club" and Vladimir in the TV series "The Kremlin cadets". The actor also starred in epizodahserialov "Three against all", "Kulagin and Partners", "Soldiers-13" and others.


Fans of rock music knows Cyril Solenova as a talented singer, songwriter and composer. Since 2001 he has been a member, since 2007 the rock band "Otherworldly" of the year - "The Apostle." Since 2009 takes part in the progressive metal band "The branches of the Past" (song - "From the depths of my memory," "Golden Rays", "To the top," "The Way Back"). Actor and musician writes music for the theater, shows and television.


2002 Three against all - series

2003 The best city in the world - series

2005-2011 Kulagin and partners - series

2006 From flame and light

2008-2009 Club (7-8 season) - TV series

2007 soldiers, 13 - series

2008 soldiers. Discharge album - series

2008 Pulp Video

2009 Short - almanac

2009 The Brothers Karamazov - series

2009-2010 Kremlin cadets - series

2011 Happiness Group

Author: Igor BIN

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