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Date of birth: 21.06.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: a. Ermakovskoe

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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Birthplace Safonov Kirill Leonidovich - Ermakovskoe village located in the north-east of Krasnoyarsk Territory (June 12 1973). However, his parents were not the Siberians, or villagers. His father worked as chief engineer on the construction of the power plant, and his mother taught Russian language and literature, and she was engaged in literary work. Cyril was the third child in a family where there grew up two girls. In 1980, Safonov family moved to the city. There was the mother of Cyril manage Palace of Pioneers, and the boy enthusiastically engaged in various circles. Even as a pupil of the first class, he won the competition of readers, and since then has continually participated in all school activities, and even played the role of the mayor in a school production of `Revizora`. However, the childhood of the future actor, like his character, it was difficult to call easy. In 1985, Cyril`s parents divorced and the family in a difficult financial situation, especially that immediately after graduation Cyril married. Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union Safonov family returned to Krasnoyarsk.

There Kirill realized his dream school - became a student of Theatre faculty of the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Arts. After a year training the young man realized that he wanted to learn more, and despite the fact that his wife Elena was pregnant, went to Moscow. He was able to successfully pass an interview the director of the Theatre Mayakovsky AA Goncharov, and Kirill Safonov became sophomore GITIS (RATA). Talent provincial student, no one in doubt, he was inducted into the cast performances `Children Vanyushina` (Constantine) and` Dog vals` (Henry Tille). Cyril and his family first given a room in a dormitory, later helped to settle in the house of Mayakovsky Theatre actors. However, a successful career interfered with the hard nature of Cyril - he often missed classes and rehearsals, not reckon with even very eminent teachers. The scandal broke at the dress rehearsal of the performance diploma when Kirill Safonov left the stage, interrupting his monologue is literally in mid-sentence. Gonchar deducted recalcitrant student, though the troupe Mayakovsky Cyril continued to work for some time. In 1998, he joined the Stanislavsky Theatre, where he played in productions of The Taming of the `stroptivoy` (Baptista) and` Twelfth noch` (Antonio).

The nineties were difficult for everyone, but especially for the actors. Cyril earnings not enough for you to feed his wife and daughter, and as many at the time, he began to earn `izvozom` night. The actor is very tired, he could doze off during a rehearsal or before going on stage, and once due to lack of sleep almost got into a serious car accident. Savior Safonov became well-known actor Leonid Kanevsky. By this time he had lived in Israel and directed the theater `Gesher` created them (the bridge). Kanevsky suggested that Cyril and his family moved to Jaffa and to sign a contract with the theater, but on the condition that within two months Safonov learn Hebrew. Mastering a foreign language actor later called the biggest fight of his life - but it met the conditions of the contract, and moved his wife and daughter, and her mother in Israel.

Kirill Safonov was involved in two theater productions `Gesher` - Levi Matthew, he played in the` Master and Margarite` and Tito in Nana `Kodzhinskie perepalkah`. Initially, the artist`s career in a foreign country was developing quite successfully, but then the scope of the two performances became small for Safonov. Besides brewing discord in the family, and in 2001 the actor`s marriage was dissolved, while Cyril kept friendly relations with his wife Elena and daughter Nastya. However, he started a drinking problem, he left the theater and went to work as a bartender, but to attempt to return to their profession. He voiced movies and starred in episodes collaborated with Russian television channels. In 2005, Kirill Safonov managed to pass the casting for the lead role in the Israeli film `istoriya` half-Russian (2005), which was directed by Eitan Anner. The drama about family relationships of two dissimilar people, first love and betrayal included in the competition program of the Moscow Film Festival -2006, and was warmly received by critics and audiences.

Kirill, who came to the festival, received an offer to audition in the rating television series `den` Tatiana (2007) and has managed to become the best among the candidates set. The role of the hero of this series, Andrew Nikiforov and his relationship with two of Tatyana, the heroine of the film, did Safonov popular and recognizable actor. He starred in the films `` code Apokalipsisa` and thanks for lyubov`, serials `Another shans`,` Zhurov` and others. To date, Kirill Safonov played more than thirty roles on screen. In addition, he is an active participant in many TV show `Who Wants To Be millionerom`, `Let govoryat`` Golden pyl`, `Culinary poedinok` et al., Played in performances antrepriznyh` Postman rings dvazhdy` and `Blue roza`. In 2009, during a club party actor she met with Alexander Savelyev, a soloist of the group `Fabrika`, whom he married a year later. The famous actor has Russian and Israeli citizenship, lives and works both in Russia and in Israel. Kirill Safonov also known as the author of poems and songs, in 2006 he released the album `Dreams Gullivera`. In addition, the actor is professionally engaged in painting and photography, holds solo exhibitions.

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