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Date of birth: 30.12.1979

Age: 36

Place of birth: Kharkov

Citizenship: Russia

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What comes to mind from my childhood above all? Camp. In the camps, held every summer, first with his mother (she worked as a teacher of dance), then no, then he went - also taught dancing, led the drama school, worked as an assistant cook in the kitchen. By the way, in St. Petersburg for a year, I worked in a cafe assistant cook.

Always I have been very pugnacious: early started watching video salons in films with Bruce Lee. Dad wrote me in taekwondo section, causing the number of fights, of course, has not decreased.

Of course, very fond of reading, I read all the time. Until now, the story Krapivina, "Two Captains" Kaverina remain among the favorite books.

I studied until grade 9 in the school of football club "Zenith", but hated to play football. But he loved to climb bins. It was like this: I came to the football pitch where the team was going, saying: "Who is with me in the trash" - and led away polkomandy.

Climbing. In our school was a tourist circle, went to the Karelian Isthmus, there are a lot of rocks. Even in the event I went.

It always liked to walk alone. Actually always felt self-sufficient one. On the other hand, of course, inextricably linked to his childhood with his mother. Mom was always there, at home the child itself can not call. Do not even come up to a certain time, no pictures without a mother. Up to 15 years - then I hit the archaeological expedition, went for a month to excavate, pulled away from the house, was in the company of adults. This, incidentally, was quite powerful crisis - the first time I said, "Man, why did you decide that you are always right?"

The last 2 years he studied at another school - with a theatrical bent, we were prepared to theater critics. But two of my class, including me, came to acting, one girl - on directing.

In 1996 he entered the SPGATI, Vladimir Petrov course.

I wanted to be a director, acted at the direction, even in the book wrote that to be an actor I`m not interested. But in the 16 years I have nobody took. The course I am also always "directed".

In the 3rd year I was called as an actor at the Directing Department in the play "The thing Elagina cornet." This is probably the first-stage work in the theater, when I first start something inside converges started some own laws of existence stage line up. I gradually began to realize that what I was attracted to the director`s profession - the ability to express themselves in the first place - it is possible and as an actor. And then there was "The point Cornet Orlova" Lev Stukalova - also an important moment for me. It seems to be one role - and got two very different works.

After graduation in 2000, he was shown in several Moscow theaters. He went into the troupe of the Moscow Drama Theatre under the direction of Armen Jigarkhanyan and moved to Moscow.

On the basis of our course teacher Lev Stukalov created a theater ... but somehow I do not really believe in this venture. And in those theaters, in which I wanted to be in St. Petersburg - to Dodin to Spivak - that year has not been set. And there was a great desire to change something, moreover, wanted a little break away from home, from my mother, to feel independent person. And the sense of risk when moving to Moscow - was not at all.

When I came to Dzhigarkhanyan theater - it was quite difficult. Immediately after graduation, I had a slightly different idea of ??the theatrical process - we were taught very differently, and to the real theatrical practice, it had little to do. I realized to my horror that does not know how to practice independently, on their own to create something.

Few still regret about Figaro - a big, important, but he did not finish the role. Now I probably could insist that it is more dramatic story, not just a comedy.

In spring 2003, he left the theater Dzhigarkhanyan. In the same year he began working with director Irina Keruchenko.

I felt that need somewhere to move on. Closely it seemed stationary in theater format. I have been and still are very nice people who work in the theater, but sometimes play and rehearse what I do not like, do not want - became napryazhno. So I`m kind of grateful Dzhigarhanyanu - it just took me a decision that I did, for various reasons delayed.

For me, the theater, which makes Ira Keruchenko - it`s almost an ideal situation when I can not rehearse what I impose, and what I want. With Ira we have a very similar school, it is interesting to me, I do not actually have to find a common language. It deals with the psychological theater - what I love most.

There are many roles that I want to try to play: Caligula, Konstantin, Othello, Khlestakov ... In the movie - with pleasure tried his "clean comedy" (although still do not really understand how to play it), I would love to play the fool, or, for example, a gay man. Very interesting "relationship stories", as, for example, "Match Point." Plans - hulk!

Since 2001 began to actively act in films.

The base, which is a child (taekwondo, skalozanie, dance ...), of course, very great help during the shooting. So do a lot of tricks himself - but within reasonable limits. Now, with experience, communicating with professionals, you realize that if there is a risk - it is better not to rush ahead and to do the same professional.

On the set of "Legends of Kashchei" (by the way, the picture that for myself too, considered a milestone, as well as both the "Saboteur") was very fond of horses. Perhaps the soul of horses is more than cars.

Fortunately, there is now an opportunity to abandon the role - if you do not like the stuff. Now actively refuse military theme - categorically not want zashtampovyvatsya, there is a desire to try his hand in other capacities, and see no other option to prove that I can play not only the people in uniform. And lower the bar you do not want, do not want to waste energy, time and energy on poor-quality original movie, which is now very much.

Popular themselves still do not feel recognized - yes. Recognition of this is nice, is what helps and sometimes hinders - on the road, when you want to relax, and you start talking ... Then one thing when you know the TV series "Soldiers", from which, it seems to me, I just left, and another thing - for other, serious work. But complacency in any case can not be ... is a moment when you start to think that everything is fine, so that`s important to understand that this is a false sense of that popularity - it`s not the main thing.

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