Kirill Petrov

Picture of Kirill Petrov

Date of Birth: 05/23/1976

Age: 40

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Kirill Petrov graduated in 1999 WTU them. Schukin, where he studied in the course of VV Ivanov. Thesis work novice actor had roles in productions of "Platonov" (Triletsky) and "The Cabal of Hypocrites" (Jean-Jacques bud).

After graduation, Kirill Perov was admitted to the troupe "The Commonwealth of Taganka actors". Over the years, he played roles in: "Dur" (Mitya), "Two of Baba-Yaga" (Baba Yaga), "The Princess and the swineherd" (Prince), "Flower Scarlet" (Anton worker), "Very simple story" (Dog), "Ivan Tsarevich, the gray wolf and the other" (King of the third), "Arena of life" (Pyrkov and kisses), "Forget Herostratus!" (Tissaphernes), "Confessions of a bully" (Black man, grandfather, investigator GPU Block, Kirov).


On Kirill Petrov appears, usually in supporting roles or episodes, playing soldiers, police officers, journalists, etc. Among the most notable works of the actor: Sergey Sergeev in the comedy serial movie "The guys from our town", the cook Zolotnitsky in the historical drama "Lenin`s Testament", Anton Petrovich Venyutin in the TV series "The Engagement Ring," Serge operas in TV series "Happy Together."


2000 border. Taiga novel - series

2000 Empire under attack - series

2001 Under the North Star

2002 Star

Brigade 2002 - series

2003 Russian Ark

2003 The guys from our town

2003 Emperor Love

Shtrafbat 2004 - series

Afromoskvich 2004 - series

2005 Hunting for elk

2005 Fall of an Empire - series

2005 Alexander Garden -serial

2006 Peter Magnificent - series

2007 Sovereign`s Servant

2007 Price is Death

2007 Will Lenin

2008 Chas Volkova - 2 - TV series

2008 Soldiers-15. New call - series

2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -3 - series

2008-2012 Engagement Ring - series

2009 Happy Together - series

2009 Heart Captain Nemov

2009 Reflections - series

2009 Sword - series

2009 Aerobatics

2010 Robinson

2010 Chasing a shadow - series

2011 Keys to happiness. extension