Kirill Ivanchenko

Picture of Kirill Ivanchenko

Date of Birth: 03/12/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Mytishchi

Citizenship: Russia



Ivanchenko Cyril was born in the town of Mytischi, Moscow Region. From childhood he was fond of sports - biathlon, swimming, kickboxing. While in high school, he attended drama school. In his own words, it turned out good, but about how to be an actor boy thought.

After high school he entered the service Cyril Academy in the department of "financial credit". There he studied there for two years and realized that it was not his profession. Then the young man and thought - why not try it on your acting career?

In the Shchukin School Kirill I did the first time - a professor Gravve course. "At first it was very difficult - admits Cyril. - The first year I was on the brink of relegation. But then everything was corrected, I realized that it was for such a profession - artist ".

Cyril service academy did not quit - he graduated in parallel.


After graduating in 2000, Cyril School took in the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. The young actor was immediately put into play "Cinderella", where he played Prince. This was followed by roles: Sergey - in the play of Lev Durov "The Jews of the city of Peter" in the product Strugatsky brothers, soldier - in the "Flint", Adrian - in the play "The Picture of Dorian Gray" directed by A. Zhitikina.


The movie began filming in 2001, initially in the episodes - in the film Alexander Muratov "Operation doomed" vseriale Michael Tumanishvili "Turkish March", in the film Tigran Keosayan "Pasechnik." In 2002 Maltsova played in the TV series "Men`s Work".

Fame came to the actor in 2003 when he played in the series Novel "The best city in the world" and Paul`s "Ondine" series. On the actor noticed. There were offers from the directors ...

Currently Kirill Ivanchenko busy in several TV projects, is the leading television lottery "Golden Key".