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Date of birth: 22.06.1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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Kirill Grebenshchikov was born in Moscow, June 22, 1972. His parents were actors Stanislavsky Theatre. His father, Yuri Grebenshchikov, known to viewers from such films as `Grachi`,` Job-sledovatel` `special squad naznacheniya` and others, iconic performances` Last summer Chulimske`, `a young adult daughter cheloveka`. The mother of the actor, Natalia Orlova, played on stage, acted in small roles, now is a professor of VGIK. The house Grebenshchikov was not a bohemian atmosphere, but the boy grew up behind the scenes and in three years was well as stage performances and rehearsals are held. The parents did not want her son to the acting profession, especially in the theater he most liked the property-men and artists workshops. January 25, 1988 there was a tragedy in the family. Yuri Grebenshchikov hit by a car, and at its wheel was a famous poet Alexander Mezhirov (according to unconfirmed reports - his daughter), with whom they had just sat at the table of the WTO restaurant, recalling a mutual friend of Vladimir Vysotsky. Grebenshchikov Sr. died three months later, not coming out of the coma.

The family was in a difficult financial situation. Cyril was good at drawing, and after the end of eighth grade, made an attempt to enter the theater and art school, which was unsuccessful. Then a young man, on his mother`s advice, who wanted to protect his son from the vicissitudes of the actor`s fate stalstudentom production faculty Moscow Art Theatre School. Future artist-technologists had to learn a lot of complicated technical disciplines, and Cyril, who never shone in mathematics, had a fairly hard. He made friends with students from other faculties, and not once thought about what would have preferred to study acting. One day he and his friends went to see how the set on a course of Oleg Tabakov. Who conducted the audition M. Lobanov unexpectedly turned to Grebenshchikov and also invited to take part in the tests. Cyril reacted to the suggestion seriously and spent a year to prepare. In 1991, he was enrolled in a course Pokrovsky, and in 1995, after graduation, joined the troupe Theater of Stanislavsky. Kirill Grebenshchikov played in productions of `Black chelovek`, Dachniki`` `Nachalo`, etc., and thus was not happy with their roles -. Young actor seemed to be constantly compared with his father.

In 1997, Cyril became an actor Youth Theatre, and just three months after he met with the legendary director Anatoly Vasilyev, the creator of the `School of Dramatic Theatre iskusstva`, which once played Yury Grebenshchikov. This was the beginning of the creative Cyril takeoff. He has participated in productions of Pushkin utrennik` `` Mozart and Saleri`, `Because travel Onegina` et al., As part of the troupe participated in the festival at Delphi (2000) sospektaklyami` `Three sestry` and Gosudarstvo`, was on tour in Rome, Budapest and Paris. Avignon, Antwerp, Amsterdam. The latest to date, the theatrical work of Kirill Grebenshchikov in SHDI is `Kain` performance staged by Igor Jacko, who became a significant event in the theatrical life of the capital.

To act in films Kirill Grebenshchikov began during his training at the Moscow Art Theatre School. His debut was in the film episodes of `Russian roman` (1992) and` On nozhah` (1994), which is hardly someone will be able to remember. A more serious work was a secondary role to the cadets` Siberian tsiryulnike` (1999), which also gave the young actor invaluable experience with the mayors of cinema. Grebenshchikov wanted to become either a film actor or a TV star. On rare castings, which visited the actor, he often had to hear - you do not come to us, you are too intelligent appearance. However, an unexpected breakthrough came in 2004. Kirill Grebenshchikov was approved for the role of the investigator Kuzmenko in the detective series` A Place in the solntsem`, and although his role was not central, the actor began to actively invite new projects. In 2005, he starred in three series - `Aeroport` (Victor) `Citizen of the head-2` (Hippolytus),` Studenty` (Trunov). Equally successful it was, and the next year, when Grebenshchikov played Jesus in `The Brothers Karamazovyh` and Hippolytus in `Bombe`, children`s writer in` more important than lyubov`. In 2007, the actor starred in the TV series `Tridtsatiletnie` (restaurateur Pavel Pukhov) and` Last reproduktsiya` (artist Fyodor Losev), which were appreciated by the audience. as well as created the image gallery owner in the series `Atlantida` rating. Among the other most prominent roles Grebenshchikov - Vasily Chernyshev in `milkmaid from Hatsapetovki -2` (2008),` Lev in malyutki` House (2010) and Victor Zorin in `Seraphim Prekrasnoy` (2010). Execution role Zorin has denied approval of directors, once doubted the creative abilities of Cyril - he was able to convincingly convey the difficult nature of the villager and the role to date is considered the best in the creative biography of the actor.

Kirill Grebenshchikov still a lot of work and says that will never become complacent. He played in performances SHDI, removed a lot, most often in the roles of officers and law enforcement officers, in which the actor looks very organic; however, in the TV series `test beremennost` he played the role of the doctor-neonatologist. The production is now several new projects involving Kirill Grebenshchikov, in particular, `Porogi`,` The Last Victim Anny`, `Tana En` city.

Actor many years married. In 1994, he had a daughter, Pauline, who is currently a student of the VGIK.

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