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Date of birth: 15.04.1991

Age: 25

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Kirill Emelyanov a childhood dream to become an actor. This is not surprising, since he was born in a family of actors. For three years, the boy almost every weekend to attend the theater. He was even a special "spektaklnaya" shirt, which he wore only on these days.

Kirill Emelyanov Acting career began at age nine. It is then for them to come to school representatives from children`s comic newsreel "Jumble" in order to find the right guys. Among them was also a vending Cyril ... great movie

The great movie Kirill was in 2005. Together with Alexander Golovin and Sergey Rychenkovym (also descendants of "Jumble"), he starred in the drama of Alexander Atanesyan "Bastards", which tells about the creation of special services during World War II secret camp, where trained saboteurs young bombers.

Beginners actors showed themselves from the best side and therefore Vyacheslav Murugov, general producer of the TV series "Kadetstvo" without hesitation, invited a few guys on the casting. Of all underwent two - Alexander Golovin Kirill Emelyanov.

Again, as in the "bastard" Cyril had to play a negative role - the main pest Syrnikova. He says: "My hero nit, you bastard. It was hard. I even specifically asked to find guys who do bad things. It helped to get used to the role of communication with the cadets. With us was a whole company, we communicate with them. "

Young actors have to yourself to experience many of the difficulties of this life Suvorov. Kirill Emelyanov admits that at first it was very hard, but then they became more responsible, disciplined. Four months of filming made themselves felt.

The series "Kadetstvo" aroused great interest, especially in adolescents. Young actors have a huge number of fans. In 2007, we started shooting the second part of the series. Already soon the audience will have a meeting with the already matured Cadets.

About the Future

Currently Kirill Emelyanov studying in external studies. At the end he is going to act in a theatrical institution. "I have nowhere else and not take, I do not know how anything", - joked the young actor.

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