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Few hard-rock bands so widely known in narrow circles as the "Kings X". This trio has for quite a long time takes the interesting music, a mixture of melodic "Beatles", metal riffs and prog -rock passages. Nevertheless, "Kings X" remain little known to the general public. Doug Pinnick (born September 3, 1950. ;bass, vocals) met with Jerry Gaskill (born 27 December 1957 ;. drums, vocals) when they played together in "Petra" group.

Later, they met with a session musician Tai Teyborom (born September 17, 1961,. Guitar, vocals). In 1980, the trio joined forces and called "Edge", began performing in bars around Missouriperforming various covers. In 1983, the group changed its name to "Sneak preview" and focused on writing their own material.

As a result, the light appeared self-titled debut album. The team was offered a recording contract, with the stipulation that the boys move into the Texas city of Houston. When the musicians arrived at the new place where they waited bummer.

Kings X but spitting on it, they continued to work. Once the team had a chance to meet with the producer "ZZ top" Sam Taylor and he decided to take her under his wing. In 1987 he helped the band to sign a contract with New York label "Megaforce", but offered to change the sign to "King`s X",and that was done. In 19

88th debut LP trio, "Out of the Silent Planet". Despite the praise among critics, the audience did not know how to interpret the original multi-genre album and not much something snapping it. With the release of the second disc, "Gretchen Goes to Nebraska", about the "Kings X" began to speak in the metal community. The composition of "Over My Head" while twisted on "MTV". The following year, appeared on the shelves "Faith Hope Love".

This album hit the top thirty best American and just a bit has not held up to gold status. The big influence on this fact had a group involved in the joint European and American tours with the "AC / DC".At this time the attention of "MTV" has won the song "It`s love".

Kings X Later musicians trouble started with producer Taylor, resulting in "Kings X" left the "Megaforce". The next album, published in "Atlantic records" was almost neamechennym, and even a tour in support of it was interrupted. However, this is contrary spurred the musicians and they set to work with redoubled zeal. The result was well-positioned album in 1994, "Dogman", in the American charts. After that, "Kings X" c successfully conducted joint tour with the "Pearl jam" and participated in the second Woodstock festival. disc 1996-first I did not meet expectations "Atlantic records" and they broke the contract with the group. In 1998, the team signed up to the label "Metal Blade", and Pinnick and Teybor fired solo album.

Following this, "Kings X" each year began to produce the new album, and Pinnick time to pursue solo work, and participated in the pro- Teybormetal band "Platypus", writing to her a couple of records. Then the "Kings X" received recognition from their colleagues in the shop, they were hailed as entered into the " 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock".

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