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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Place of birth : Tennessee, United States

Citizenship : United States


The history of music has a lot of teams, which are playing close or distant relatives : Oasis, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers. ..

Their example shows that the degree of relatedness of participants does not affect the quality of music executed by them. But a positive impact on the discipline. As they say Kings Of Leon, " if slazhal brother, you can approach him and quietly give in the face - will understand and not be offended in the other group it may lead to the disintegration of the team. ". Kings Of Leon - a phenomenon in its own way unique. Consisting of four brothers, three relatives and one - cousin. But not only that distinguishes the group from their own kind. The story of their ascent to the musical Olympus is so implausible that initially causes skepticism. As we know, life is able to joke in every one. Kings Of Leon is precisely were the result of one such " jokes ".

Caleb (Caleb), Nathan (Nathan) and Jared (Jared) Follouillly (Followill) -sons of an itinerant preacher Leon Follouillla belonging to the Pentecostal Church. Matthew Follouilll - their cousin that grew together with the guys. All the boys have spent his childhood traveling with his father, " touring " for rural parishes of the southern states of America - from Memphis to Oklahoma. Caleb and Jared were born in Memphis, Nathan and Matthew- In Oklahoma. " We are constantly moved from place to place and at one time was considered his home ground the van - they remember - lived, where it is necessary :. With relatives, in church shelters, homes of complete strangers to us men." Leon Follouilld probably was a good preacher ,because all his sermons usually ended mass with singing and dancing. " A sort of a white version gospell ", - says Caleb, vocalist. Their mother used to sit at the piano, and the brethren took up the first available tools and played along as best they could. So here`s a straightforward way began musical "career" " Kings ". " Since then we have learned one valuable observation : no matter how you play, more importantly, the feeling with which you do it ," - share their secret of Kings Of Leon.

In 1988, Leon Followill got into his charge a small parish, and the whole family is temporarily settled in the town of Mumford, Tennessee, a 30 - minute drive from Memphis. " This remote places -says Nathan, the drummer. - Gluhoman that you can not even imagine " However, the brothers were happy. ". We are several years in a row went to the same school and even zaimeli friends ` happiness was short-lived - after four years Leon Follouilll again escaped their homes, family, naturally followed.Since childhood, four friends grew out of the corrupting influence of civilization. The religion of their father, did not welcome such things as television, radio and other " demonic things. " " We grew up in poverty, everything that we had - it ourselves - remember guys -. On the other hand, we are very lucky, we have preserved the family spirit ,which is completely absent in today`s society. "

When in 1998, the year Leon Followill parted with spiritual dignity, Caleb, Nathan, Jared and Matthew received a long-awaited freedom. " Before that we have long been in a cocoon and are now faced with the reality, which is not even suspected - says Nathan. -We are at once plunged into modern culture and learned what MTV, started listening to modern music and buy the CD ". In fairness it should be noted that the brothers are not impressed by what they saw and heard examples of modern pop culture. " It was something from another world, so we almost immediately switched to the good old rock,who listened to the children, and that was much closer to us in spirit - Zeppelin, Stones and Tom Petty. "

Turning to a sedentary lifestyle, guys are thinking about their future. Preachers do not want them to become, and other alternatives are not planned - so old-fashioned people who were not also a decent education,in our time we have to be very tight.

" And then we heard the White Spripe - it was like a revelation We immediately thought that they themselves can not play worse! " - Guys be honest. Some musical experience they already had (thanks to his father) , so that the case remained for small - to master the musical instruments at the appropriate level. As Jared says ,the youngest of four (in 2003 he was 17 years old) , when his older brothers decided to form a band, he immediately declared his readiness to take it most directly involved. " I`ve never played the bass guitar, but I really wanted to play with his brothers, -. He says -. I bought a bass and he quickly mastered. And then we were invited to her and Matthew. We started playing together in 2002, the year " is not became Over repertoire -. Their unusual childhood was a great source of inspiration, memory regularly throws up more and more new themes and imagination adds all new paint their stories.

" The religious barriers, protects us from pop culture ,in the end really contributed to the emergence and development of our creative qualities - says Jared Followill. - We grew up visionaries - all day long playing in the back of the van or on someone`s back yard. We take things a little as people who grew up in the " civilization ". We have to dream and invent something ,based on specific facts, legends or traditions. Therefore, all our stories - all are sincere about what we tell in their songs. " " - Not necessarily happening to us actually. It`s just " lived " our history ", - adds Caleb.

Name of Kings Of Leon, as might be assumed, refers to the name of Leon Follouillla. However, the guys insist that the group named after his grandfather, Leon too. But why so - do not explain.

Since the " zero " - the beginning of the " secular " life - musicians tolerably learned to play instruments and nasochinyali enough material to record a debut album. Its name - "Youth & Young Manhood" - is based on the Bible. " Once I saw the old father`s Bible - Jared said -.. . And came across a biography of Moses It was written in the form of a tree and each branch bore a definite name We liked one of them we thought that the words Kings Of Leon and "Youth & Young Manhood" will look good together. " So they decided. Choose name and define a repertoire Follouly brothers moved to Nashville, where he met with producer Ethan Johns. Jones, who previously worked with Ryan Adams, who was close priblyuzovanny folk-rock, which is performed by young musicians, and he helped the guys to sign a contract with the RCA label. The first EP - "Red Morning Light" -It was recorded in a month and released in May of 2003.

In the wake of the popularity of "new rock `n ` roll revolution, " Kings Of Leon positioned as "southern answer The Strokes", although, by and large, between the two groups did not have anything in common. Unless raw and not embellished anything sound and incredible energy stage shows. Having understood what was happening, journalists rushed to the other extreme and began to compare Kings Of Leon with their senior colleagues - the Stars " southern rock " Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Some reasons for this were, but - ridiculous. "We compared with Allman Brothers because we, too, brothers, and we have long hair and a mustache " -laughs Nathan Followill. " In fact, we never heard the Allmans, - catches Jared -. A strange feeling arises when you are compared with the group that you do not even remember. .. We`ve never heard, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and we, too, is often compared with them. .. When we did drive, we were told that we sound like The Strokes,but then we did not hear about them. .. But honestly, comparison with someone not strain if you know that not only imitated these musicians, but never listened to them ! ".

After the release of their debut album in 2003, Kings Of Leon flashed in all the music press : critics liked the southern temperament of four young boys,who gives mothballs their grandfather`s chest of rock `n` roll, but most of all - an unusual appearance. Who nowadays has a mustache ? Only Kings Of Leon. Chip? And then ! The newcomers from the past - neither give nor take.

The album was released simultaneously in the US and the UK and the British treated the newcomers with much more warmth, chemih compatriots. "Youth & The Young Manhood" started from the third position of the British charts, selling a circulation of 83 thousand copies.

Kings Of Leon You can like or dislike - depending on how much you believe in their sincerity. The guys do not seem to prevaricate when they say ,that they are simply in a rush to play for people of their music and celebrity status are not brandishing. They are, they say, just lucky emerge at the very moment when the fashion included garage rock `n` roll. Well, at least be honest. Other performers compose yourself beautiful legends and legendary Kings Of Leon has become life itself. Maybe,so many Kings Of Leon fans. The children from the rural wilderness, growing up in a strict religious upbringing and finally who took up the guitar will likely have something to say. And most importantly - what has been said they believe. Who, then, has to believe, but Kings Of Leon? Ask Noel Gallagher ,which refers to them as " my most favorite f * king group ". Or Liv Tyler, ran off with the premiere of "The Lord of the Rings" to catch the Kings Of Leon concert in London. It seems that the people on old-fashioned soul. In something as to be believed ? At least in the golden past. ..

"People are amazed the whole of our history now we understand why. -for most of them such a life seems incredible. And for us it was a daily reality - says Caleb. - So, yes - we`re a little different from the others, we are very down to earth and firmly standing on two legs people. .. We do not want to Kings Of Leon attributed to "religious " groups, but we can not deny ,that our inspiration - from the roots soaked in religiosity of the past. "

" When we sit down and start writing, we never say : " What is the hook to come up for the song " We say: " How best to convey in this song his feelings ? - Nathan explains. - Writing a song starts with some ideas, which then accumulates rhymes. The ultimate goal - to tell a good story, and fill it with a sense. .. We try to be honest in the first place to ourselves. Starting to play charades, you come to the fact that at one point you can leave the bag itself. "

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