Kimbely Gordon

Picture of Kimbely Gordon

Date of Birth: 07/04/2013

Age: 3

Citizenship: United States

The girl with spiky hair

Kimberly Gordon - a small American who became a victim of lightning, and lightning struck not herself, and her mother, while she Kimberly was still in her womb.

It was July 4, 2013, when the whole of America, fascinated admiring fireworks over Independence Day, and in the sky over all states burned thousands of colored lights. Kendra Villanueva, along with her boyfriend Ian Gordon were also in the streets, celebrating Independence Day could not prevent even the 38-week pregnancy Kendra.

At some point, if the sighting, and Ian Kendra struck by lightning - it has gone through the course of the Gordon and fired in Kendra. At first they did not even figured out what exactly happened, but soon came to their senses, and, despite the fact that no visible damage nor Kendra nor Ian was not rushed to the hospital.

Baby Kimberly was born on the same day, via Caesarean section at University Hospital University of New Mexico Hospital, and after a couple of days Kimberly wrote on his page on the social network Facebook that her daughter did not suffer from that lightning.

However, as subsequent events showed, the effects of lightning were still. So, little Kimberly hair literally stood on end, as if electrified. However, they were electrified, and so continued for more than a year. Hair girls grow substantially perpendicular to the head, and no matter how much Kendra did not try to lay them smooth and, stubborn children volosenki still eventually rising above his head.

The girl`s parents say that in addition to the hair of the girl are observed and even some problem - she can not sleep, do not eat on their own. However, and Kendra, and Ian still believe that they are incredibly lucky - they managed to not only survive the strongest lightning, but also to save their child, which, alas, on medical statistics, it happens not often.

So, little Kimberly grows with static, once and for all electrified hair, and can not sleep and eat, but parents and doctors hope that the consequences of the ill-fated lightning is still not reflected in its further development.