Kieron Moore

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Date of Birth: 05/10/1924

Age: 82

Place of birth: Skibbereen

Citizenship: France


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Ciaran O`Hanrahan, better known as Kieron Moore - Irish film and television actor. The top Kieron career came in the fifties and sixties. The most he remembered Vronsky his role in the film 1948 `Anna Karenina` ( `Anna Karenina`) with Vivien Leigh; however, many critics still tend to argue that the role of this actor does not fit perfectly.

Kieron Ross in County Cork, in the period immediately after the end of civil war in Ireland. His father, Peadar O`Hanrahan, was a writer, a poet and an ardent supporter of the promotion of the Irish language. Peadara also known as co-founder of the Gaelic League (Gaelic League); twice during the life in Britain, he was arrested.

Kieron was not the only member of his family, who decided to make a career in the art world. His sister, Nisa No Annrahayn, was one of the best performers of the team `Raidi & # 243; & # 201; ireann Players`; Fahtna brother was musical director on the same radio station and the second sister, Blaytin No Annrahayn, played the harp at the National Symphony Orchestra. After moving his family to Dublin, Moore entered the Irish language school. For a while he studied medicine in Dublin, but later joined the `Abbey Players` study and scored.

In 1947, the actor married Barbara White; This marriage brought him four children.

Moore lived for many years in England; in his piggy bank over fifty roles in movies and television series in Britain. He began his acting career in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin; on the English stage, he made his debut at the age of nineteen in the role of Heathcliff in Wuthering pereval` statement `(` Wuthering Heights`). In 1948, the actor starred in the television version of the play, released by BBC TV forces. His first film role, he received three years earlier - in 1945 Kieron played a soldier of the Irish Republican Army in the film `The Voice Within`. Some time later, Moore received an offer from Alexander Korda and studios `London Films`; Offer it came down to a contract for seven years. Korda was interested Kieron after the speech in order uestendskom hit `Red Roses for menya` (` Red Roses for Me`) scenario Sean O`Keysi.

Under the pseudonym `Kieron Mur` actor starred in` Man About the House` 1947. His next role in the psychological thriller `My own palach` (` Mine Own Executioner`) confirmed that he had considerable potential; later he went to the most famous - and most dubious role in his career. For the role of Vronsky in Anna Kareninoy` `(` Anna Karenina`; the famous statement of Julien Duvivier with Vivien Leigh and Ralph Richardson) actor received more negative reviews than any other part of his career.

Despite the bad performance, yet Moore was invited to Hollywood. In 1951 he played two roles - hettyanina Uriah in the biblical epic `David and Bathsheba` and an officer of the Foreign Legion in the` Ten Tall Men` c Burt Lancaster.

In 1959, the actor starred in `Darby O`Gill and the Little People`. A year later, Moore brilliantly played the role of a homosexual fascist-comedy thriller `Dzhentlmenov` League (` The League of Gentlemen`).

In 1974, Kieran left acting craft and switched to social activities. Moore worked mainly in third world countries - for nine years, he has collaborated with the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development of the Regions (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, CAFOD).

In 1994, the actor retired and moved to France. There for some time he sang in the local church choir.

Kieron died in July of 2007. He was survived by his wife, Barbara, and four children.

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