Khoo Puat

Picture of Khoo Puat

Date of Birth: 01/13/1917

Age: 87

Citizenship: Singapore

Singapore businessman rescues British bank

Some time was the richest man in the entire Singapore (Singapore). Manages a network of hotels `Goodwood Group` in London (London) and Singapore (Singapore); It was the largest shareholder in the British bank `Standard Chartered`.

He studied at Poitiers in Singapore; Soon after graduation, 17-year-old boy married and ustroilcya the bank `Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation` (OCBC), to the post of clerk. For a long time in this position Khoo, however, did not stay - the ladder he was climbing with truly impressive speeds. Among other things, while working in `OCBC` Poitiers befriended Tan Chin Tuan (Tan Chin Tuan); Alas, in 1959, their friendship came to an end, and Khoo left the company. The conflict became friends disagreements strategic sense; Poitiers believed that the bank is developing too slowly and too little open branches in small towns.

In the banking industry Khoo came back pretty quickly - as early as 1960, he and a group of partners opened `Malayan Banking`. This project is quite clearly demonstrated that it Poitiers meant by rapid growth - for kakie-to three years the bank has got more than 150 branches. In 1963, `MalayanBanking` bought Singapore` Goodwood Park Hotel`. In 1965, Khoo Poitiers from `Malayan Banking` expelled - the representatives of the Malaysian government accused the businessman in the withdrawal of funds in a private firm in Singapore.

In 1968, Khoo Poitiers bought the bank for a few possessions - including, `Goodwood Park Hotel`. In 1976, Poitier finally cut ties with `Malayan Banking`; indeed, on this work in the banking industry, he did not stop - so they created the National Bank of Brunei (Brunei).

This breakthrough in Poitiers career took place in 1986 - then the entrepreneur was able to acquire a 5% stake of the British bank `Standard Chartered`. Khu along with two businessmen literally saved the bank by absorbing the forces of `Lloyds Bank`. Later Poitiers considerably increased its stake, becoming the largest shareholder of the company.

Khoo Poitiers died February 21, 2004 th; at the time of his death he was 87 years old. As of the year 2004 Khoo Teck Poitiers took 108 th place in the ranking of the richest people in the world. His stake `Standard Chartered` - about 11.5% - employed bequeathed to their children; those in March 2006, sold shares of Singapore `Temasek Holdings`