Kevin Brady

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Citizenship: United States

Best friend Soldier

Video, as a soldier returning home from the office and meet him on the lawn of the family home with all his runs a childhood friend - the dog is not something unique, these movies all have seen enough. The sergeant Kevin Brady (Kevin Brady) and his dog all the opposite happened - it`s Kevin waited for the house of his four-legged friend, returning from the war.

Brady met with Sergeant Bailey (Bailey), while serving in Afghanistan (Afghanistan). Kevin is very attached to this good mongrel dog - she became his true friend and always hanging around somewhere nearby. And Kevin said that Bailey really helped soldiers homesick - it reminded them of those pets that are waiting for them at home.

When a military unit Sergeant Brady was sent home in the United States, I had to say goodbye to Kevin Bailey.

But upon his arrival home, Kevin realized that he could not help but think about his four-legged friend Afghan - every day he wanted to pull out all the sharper the dog out. In addition to the melancholy, Brady seriously worried about the life of Bailey - there are cases where the Afghans were killed dogs left behind by the Americans.

So, Brady went to the organization Guardians of Rescue, which deals with the problems of homeless animals. Stubborn Kevin realized that his cause - not easy, and therefore we must act decisively. He contacted the vice president of Dori Scofield (Dori Scofield) and sumelubedit her to take part in the life of Bailey. Schofield agreed and operation rescued Bailey from Afghanistan has begun.

It raised $ 5,000 that went into the organization of transport. So, Bailey put on a plane and with a change in Dubai (Dubai) it July 2, 2013, arrived in the United States.

A touching meeting, when Bailey knew his friend was filmed on video and hit the internet, and the sergeant and his dog Bailey became the heroes of several stories in the media.