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Birthday : 06.05.1959 year

Age: 56 years

Place of Birth : Seattle, WA, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Kenneth Gorelik

Original name: Kenneth Gorelick


American jazz musician, saxophonist. As Ukrainian origin ; the saxophone, he started playing in high school, in local groups, and at age 17 was already a member of the Orchestra Barry White (Barry White).

In the mid -1970s. he was in a local funk band COLD, BOLD AND TOGETHER, where he became the only white member. After graduation Kenny entered the University of Washington,to learn to be an accountant, and during his studies and went on to play - this time with John Matthias, THE SPINNERS and others. After successful completion of training he spent several years playing in the team OREGON`S JEFF LORBER FUSION BAND. During this period his work on it drew the attention of the record company Arista Records, and in early 1980-x years. Kenny has signed its first contract for an independent release solo albums. The first album, named after the artist unpretentious - "Kenny G" - was released in 1982. A great success, he did not use, as it followed the second and third albums - "G-Force" and "Gravity". But the fourth disc "Duotones", released in 1986 ,I reached the 6th place in the album charts and Kenny G brought great fame. Next album "Silhouette" (1988) took on the same chart 8th place, and was released in 1992 "Breathless" became the best selling album in the history of instrumental music, becoming platinum 15 times. It differs from the previous disc isthat his record for the first time attended by singers - Piabo Bryson and Aaron Neville. Another record was set in 1994, Kenny G : drive it "Miracles: The Holiday Album" has sold 8 million copies and became the best selling Christmas album in history.. In addition to solo albums ,Kenny also took part in the work on albums such recognized stars as Whitney Houston (Whitney Houston), Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin) and Natalie Cole (Natalie Cole). Kenny G has won a huge number of music awards, including "Soul Train Awards" and several "Grammy". Now Kenny G - the biggest-selling artist in the history of instrumental music : his record went a total circulation of more than 30 million copies worldwide..

Discography :

KENNY G (Arista, 1982)

G FORCE (Arista, 1983)

GRAVITY (Arista, 1985)

DUOTONES (Arista, 1986)

SILHOUETTE (Arista, 1988)

KENNY G LIVE (Arista, 1989)

BREATHLESS (Arista,1992)

SENTIMENTAL (Arista, 1993)


THE HOLIDAY ALBUM (Arista, 1994)


THE MOMENT (Arista, 1996)

GREATEST HITS (Arista, 1997)

HAVANA (Arista, 1997)

FOREVER IN LOVE (Arista, 1998)


A HOLIDAY ALBUM (Arista, 1999)



AULD LANG SYNE (Arista, 1999)

PARADISE (Arista, 2002)

ALL THE WAY (Arista, 2002)

ULTIMATE KENNY G (Arista/BMG Heritage, 2003)

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